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Water Account Australia 2008–09 Victoria

Victor P Taffa

  • Water consumption in Victoria was 2,991 GL in 2008-09, the third highest volume in Australia. This represents a 40% decrease from 2004-05 when water consumption was 4,993 GL.
  • In Victoria, total water consumption was 549 kL per capita, this is the second lowest in Australia, below the Australian average of 642 kL per capita.
  • In Victoria the Gross State Product was $96 million per GL of water consumed. This was above the Australian average of $89 million per GL.
  • Agricultural activities consumed 1,593 GL or 53% of the total water consumption. This is a 51% decrease from 2004-05 when agricultural activities consumed 3,281 GL.
  • The gross value of irrigated agricultural production in Victoria was the highest of all the States and Territories at $3,266 million in 2008-09 or 27% of total GVIAP in Australia. GVIAP in Victoria increased by 5% since 2004-05.
  • Household water consumption for Victoria was 342 GL or 11% of the State’s total water consumption. This has increased from 405 GL in 2004-05.
  • Victoria accounted for a quarter (2,427 GL) of the total distributed water in Australia in 2008-09, second only to New South Wales which accounted for 37% (3,567 GL). Irrigation/rural water providers supplied 1,192 GL or 49% of this volume.
  • Victoria’s water distribution losses were also second highest in Australia, at 515 GL or 21% of total supply. The majority of losses were from irrigation/rural water suppliers (423 GL).
  • Approximately 116 GL of reuse water was used in Victoria, a decrease from 131 GL in 2004-05.
  • The decrease in reuse water is due to a decline in the supply of reuse water by rural water suppliers from 60 GL in 2004-05 to 14 GL in 2008-09, a 77% decrease.
  • An increase in reuse water was recorded by the Water Supply industry, from 15 GL in 2004-05 to 40 GL in 2008-09. Other industries, which includes parks, gardens and sports fields, also increased from 22 GL in 2004-05 to 34 GL in 2008-09.
  • The manufacturing industry was a significant user of water, consuming 158 GL or 5% of total water consumption in Victoria, an increase from 114 GL in 2004-05. The food, beverage and tobacco industry (79 GL) and the wood, pulp, paper and converted paper products industry (33 GL) were the largest users of water within manufacturing.
  • The electricity and gas supply industry consumed 123 GL of water. The industry used 2,795 GL of water as in-stream use and hence not included in the water consumption total for the State.
  • The mining industry used 6 GL of water mostly for metal ore mining (2 GL) and oil and gas extraction (2 GL).

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