Victoria To Join NSW & QLD Education Funding Ratio

Victoria To Join NSW & QLD Education Funding Ratio

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Coalition Will Provide Fair Funding For Non-Government Schools

Victor P Taffa

  • Coalition Plan To Fund Non-Government Students At 25% Of Government School Funding Per Student In Line With NSW & QLD
  • $240 Million Funding Package For Non-Government Schools
  • Extra Funding Available From 2011 School Year

A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will give parents of students attending Non-Government Schools a fair go and guarantee real choice in Education, Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu announced today.

Under the plan, the Coalition will increase funding in its first term for the 36 % of Victorian students in Non-Government Schools to help meet the rising costs of education and give Victorian parents a real choice.


Unlike Labor, a Coalition Government will increase funding for non-government schools immediately from the start of the 2011 School Year, providing an extra $45 Million.

“Under Premier John Brumby more and more parents are voting with their feet by choosing non-government schools, and a Coalition Government will give these families a fair go.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“The Coalition strongly supports independent and Catholic schools because we support choice for parents.”

“Many of these families are struggling with cost of living pressures under John Brumby, so the Coalition will give them the same support as non-government school parents get in other states.” Mr. Baillieu said.

John Brumby currently provides less funding per non-government school student than any other state, despite more than one in three Victorian students attending a Non-Government School.

A Coalition Government will:

• Increase funding to non-government school students to 25 % of the recurrent cost of educating a student in a government school;

• Invest $240 million in addition to the $2 Billion plus which is required to meet existing funding commitments for non-government schools over the next four years.

The Coalition’s commitment to meeting the 25 % funding benchmark was first made in 2008 but Labor only matched this commitment when it made a sudden backflip just weeks before the State Election.

However the detail of Labor’s election-eve promise showed that it won’t provide any extra funding for non-government school students until 1 July 2011. Unlike Labor, the Coalition will provide extra funding for Non-Government Schools from the start of the 2011 school year.

Non-Government School Funding Model

The Coalition has consulted with the sector about the amount of extra funding required to meet 25 % of the cost of educating a student in a government school, and will increase funding provided to the non-government education sector to meet that target into the future.

The Coalition has set aside more than $240 Million over the next four years in additional funding to meet the 25 % target. This $240 Million in new funding will be in addition to funding already committed under the current agreement.

Funding Non-Government School Students at 25 % of the cost of educating a student in a government school will bring Victoria into line with other states, including New South Wales and Queensland.

The Coalition is aware of the limitations of the current Non-Government Schools funding model and will review it to address equity concerns raised by member schools of Independent Schools Victoria.

Funding for students with a disability will also be addressed in the context of that review.


Figures provided by Independent Schools Victoria show that Non-Government School students save the government as much as $8,300 per student per year by relieving pressure on a government school system under severe stress.

Non-government schools offer a wide diversity of subjects and extra-curricular opportunities, as well as a range of different ethical and religious education options not available in mainstream schools.

Victorian parents have shown their support for non-government schools, with 87 % of growth in total student numbers in the last four years occurring outside of the government school system.

According to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Non-Government School enrolments increased by more than 14,000 students between 2007 and 2010, while government school enrolments increased by only 2,000.

Under the Coalition’s plan for non-government schools funding, schools will receive increased funding over the next four years to help meet costs for:

• Students with a disability;

• Capital works;

• Maintenance;

• IT;

• English as a Second Language support;

• Teacher leadership;

• Wages;

• Compliance and interest costs;

• Professional development.

Catholic schools currently educate more than one in five students in Victoria but under Labor funding for the sector has failed to increase to cover growing enrolments and costs.

Under Labor, Victoria’s Non-Government Schools receive the least funding per Student in Australia.

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