Victoria Supports Community Sport As AFL Is Kicked Out Of New South Wales

Victoria Supports Community Sport As AFL Is Kicked Out Of New South Wales

Victoria Minister for Sport John Eren

Giving Victorians The Best Grassroots Sports Facilities

Victor P Taffa

The Andrews Government is getting on with the job of giving communities all over Victoria the safe, modern sports facilities they deserve.

Minister for Sport John Eren today announced a new round of applications for the Government’s $100 Million Community Sports Infrastructure Fund is open.

The Fund is helping clubs all over Victoria update tired grounds and build the facilities they need.

“Community sport sits at the heart of our state. We promised to give Victorians the first-class facilities they deserve, and that’s exactly what we’re building.” Minister for Sport John Eren said.

“Everyone deserves equal facilities. Women and girls are joining community sports in record numbers, and they shouldn’t have to get changed in canteens, cars or storage sheds.”

The Community Sports Infrastructure Fund is giving all Victorians facilities they can be proud of, no matter their ability or where they live.

The State Government’s Community Sports Infrastructure Fund has already invested more than $14 Million towards 120 projects, helping revitalise cricket pitches, install women’s change rooms, improve courts, build fields and develop better pools.

“We want all Victorians to enjoy the benefits of sport and recreation. The Community Sports Infrastructure Fund inspires competitors to get out onto the field and give it their all.” Mr. Eren said.

Other initiatives include upgrading cricket grounds and training facilities to keep up with spiralling participation rates, aquatic centres, minor facilities works and planning grants.

The Community Sports Infrastructure Fund includes a $10 Million fund for women’s change rooms, because everyone deserves equal facilities the single biggest investment in women’s participation in sport by a state government.


AFL In New South Wales (NSW)

The Baird Government in New South Wales has announced a refurbishment for ANZ Stadium as a rectangular stadium.

Currently the ground is a round stadium that was built for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games with Bruce Baird as Minister for the Olympic Games. However his son, Premier Mike Baird over ruled Minister for Sport Stuart Ayres and has taken control of negotiations for a refurbished and reconfigured stadium.

Minister for Sport Stuart Ayres who follows AFL Football has been dumped from stadium negotiations with football codes.

Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer all plays on a rectangle field. However AFL is played on a circular ground.

Australian Rules Football as administered by the AFL (Australian Football League) is Australia’s most popular and widely played football code.

Premier Baird has effectively kicked the AFL out of New South Wales and said that they are not wanted.

While the Sydney Swans plays at the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground) which former Premier Barry O’Farrell ensured that SCG stands were improved, the GWS Giants (Greater Western Sydney) have been playing at the Sydney Showground, next door to ANZ Stadium.

When the Sydney Swans came to Sydney in 1982, crowds at the SCG were about 11,000 people until success came along. Similarly GWS Giants have smaller crowds at present.

GWS Giants have only been in the competition since 2012. Success for GWS Giants will come along. Within 5 years the Sydney Showground will be full to capacity as success comes along for the GWS Giants.

Based on the announcement by Shortsighted Premier Mike Baird where does GWS Giants host matches when the Sydney Showground is full and ANZ Stadium has been deliberately reconfigured as a rectangle ground?

Considering that Premier Mike Baird abandoned plans to build a new rectangular stadium where will the GWS Giants and the AFL go to now?