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Victoria Minister for Multicultural Affairs & Citizenship Nicholas Kotsiras

Australian Multiculturalism – A Success Story

Victor P Taffa

Australia’s Multiculturalism is unique and reflects the reality of the diversity of our society, Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Nicholas Kotsiras said today.

“Australia’s Multiculturalism and our cultural diversity ensures people are free to share their cultures and traditions while unified by our commitment to our nation’s democratic institutions, laws, values and the notion of a ‘fair go’ for all.”

“Acceptance of diversity and respect for the individual are pivotal to promoting the harmony of the community.” Mr. Kotsiras said.

The Multicultural Victoria Act (2004) describes Victoria as ‘a united community with shared laws, values, aspirations and responsibilities in which people have the freedom to preserve and express their cultural identity’.


“By emphasising the fact that Multiculturalism is about our collective responsibilities as citizens as much as it is about our right to maintain individual cultural identity, we have avoided the separatism experienced by countries like Britain.”

“The success of Australia’s experience can be measured by the social cohesion we enjoy, relatively free of conflict between groups compared to other countries where Multiculturalism has been managed differently.” Mr. Kotsiras said.

Australian Citizenship is the basis on which to build a strong and unified community, where individuals learn from each other and together forge a more inclusive and harmonious society.

“The challenge is to use our differences as a uniting force, to assist us to live peacefully with our neighbours and to enable newly arrived migrants and refugees wishing to live in Victoria the opportunity to do so.” Mr. Kotsiras said

“The Baillieu Government remains committed to reconciling diversity with unity. We need to accept, celebrate and maintain our different cultures while promoting social cohesion.”

“Our State has been strengthened and enriched by our cultural diversity. Victoria’s Multicultural Society is and will remain one of our State’s greatest assets and strengths.” Mr. Kotsiras said.


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