Victoria Leading The Way

Victoria Leading The Way

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu

Victoria – A Leading State

Victor P Taffa

Premier Ted Baillieu today released Securing Victoria’s Economy Planning, Building, Delivering, the Victorian Coalition Government’s strategy to strengthen Victoria’s economic future.

Premier Baillieu said the Coalition Government was implementing a clear and responsible economic strategy to position Victoria as a leading state.

“This strategy builds on the significant reforms the government has delivered since coming to office.” Premier Baillieu said.

“Global economic challenges and a weaker national economy have challenged all governments over the past two years.”

“Victoria now has the strongest finances in Australia as a result of the steps the Coalition Government has taken to strengthen Victoria’s finances, prioritise investment in frontline service delivery and grow the economy.”

“Victoria is one of only two States in Australia forecasting budget surpluses over the forward estimates.”

“Victoria is also the only State with a triple-A rating and a stable outlook from both major international credit rating agencies.”

“Building budget capacity and maintaining a strong credit rating is important in improving service delivery for Victoria and investing in infrastructure.”

“Strengthening Victoria’s finances is central to delivering transformational infrastructure projects, as well as the ongoing road, rail and other infrastructure required keeping pace with population growth and maintain liveability.” Premier Baillieu said.

Securing Victoria’s Economy Planning, Building, Delivering outlines the key reforms the government has implemented over the past two years and an economic action plan of more than 70 economic reforms.”

“This is an economic reform agenda to lift productivity, attract new investment and generate Jobs.” Premier Baillieu said.

The economic action plan includes reform measures for:

  • Victoria to maintain strong finances and maximise best ability to fund infrastructure and services in the future;
  • Infrastructure and transport improvements;
  • Planning reform and land development;
  • Private sector investment and employment;
  • Public sector reform;
  • Red tape reduction;
  • Cost of living, cost to business;
  • Taxation;
  • Connecting Victoria with new markets;
  • Positioning Victoria as the knowledge capital of Australia;
  • Industrial relations reform.

“It builds on the State’s many competitive strengths, including a diverse and flexible economy, a highly skilled workforce, strong export performance, and immense liveability.” Premier Baillieu said.

Securing Victoria’s Economy Planning, Building, Delivering is about Victoria’s future.”

“It capitalises on Victoria’s existing competitive advantages and underscores the Government’s commitment to work closely with businesses, Victorian families and the broader community to unlock new opportunities for business investment that benefits all Victorians.” Premier Baillieu said.