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Victoria Shadow Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell

Brumby’s Homelessness Strategy A Cynical Pre-Election Stunt

Victor P Taffa

  • Labor’s Strategy 115 Days Overdue
  • More Than 41,000 Families On Public Housing Waiting List
  • Wait For Housing Blows Out From 2.8 Months To 8.5 Months Under Labor

Premier John Brumby’s  after 11 years of Labor’s failure to help Victorian families on the waiting list for public housing, Shadow Minister for Housing Wendy Lovell said today.

“Eleven years of ‘traditional Labor values’ have left thousands of Victorians sleeping tonight under bridges, in cars and in tents.” Ms. Lovell said.

“John Brumby’s 11-year-old Government has not acted to end the housing crisis that forces families to sleep rough.” Ms. Lovell said.


The wait for families needing urgent housing, those most at risk of homelessness, has blown out from 2.8 months in 1999 to 8.5 months in 2010.

The most recent figures available, from 2006, suggest there are 23,300 homeless Victorians, including 2,789 vulnerable Victorians who were classified as marginal residents of caravan parks at the time of the 2006 Census.

Of Victoria’s Homeless Population, it is estimated that at least 2,200 sleep rough on any given night.

“Releasing an overdue strategy 65 days before an election is more about John Brumby’s cynical media plans than helping vulnerable Victorians battling to keep a roof over their heads.” Ms. Lovell said.

“John Brumby spends hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars on advertising to promote him, but has not helped homeless Victorians either as Treasurer or Premier over the last 11 years.” Ms. Lovell said.


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