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Victoria Minister for Consumer Affairs Minister Michael O’Brien

Vic Rollout Of Australian Consumer Law Acknowledged As A Success

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Consumer Affairs Michael O’Brien has said Victoria’s implementation of the new Australian Consumer Law (ACL) was recognised as a success at a meeting of state and territory consumer affairs ministers in Canberra today.

Victoria’s part in rolling out the ACL was highlighted to the Ministerial Council on Consumer Affairs, which is responsible for general consumer affairs matters and looks after crucial consumer issues such as product safety, residential tenancies and regulation of the travel industry.

“Victoria has taken the lead in making sure consumers and traders are aware of their rights and obligations under the ACL.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“The smooth transition from each state and territory’s fair trading legislation to one piece of legislation which protects consumers whether they’re in Dandenong or Darwin is a benefit all Australians now enjoy.” Mr. O’Brien said.

Mr. O’Brien also said the ‘one law, multiple regulator’ approach underpinning the ACL provided the ideal environment for states and territories to work together to stamp out dodgy traders.

Mr. O’Brien said while Victoria had also called for the modernisation of travel regulation, not all states and territories had agreed, preferring instead to endorse a more cautious approach to reform.

“Victoria is eager to improve travel industry regulation because significant changes are needed to tailor any regulation according to how consumers arrange and manage their travel experiences in the 21st century.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“The question should be asked as to what extent consumers benefit from travel industry-specific regulation, particularly with the new Australian Consumer Law in place since 1 January this year.”

“Australians now benefit from strong, nationally consistent consumer protections against misconduct by traders, including travel agents.” Mr. O’Brien said.


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