Victoria Govt Launches Blackberry Management Strategy

Victoria Govt Launches Blackberry Management Strategy

Victoria Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Peter Walsh

Five-Year Plan To Tackle Blackberry In Victoria

Victor P Taffa

  • New Victorian strategy to control blackberry, a highly invasive weed
  • Better management co-ordination and community-based control

A new five-year strategy to tackle the spread of blackberry across Victoria will see better co-ordination of management efforts and more opportunities for community based control.

Minister for Agriculture and Food Security Peter Walsh launched the Victorian Blackberry Strategy 2014-2019 today at Cathkin.



“Blackberry is a weed of national significance due to its highly invasive nature, potential to spread and the economic and environmental damage it causes.” Mr. Walsh said.

“In Australia, it is estimated that blackberry infests 8.8 Million hectares of land at an estimated cost of $95–$103 Million in annual control and production losses.”

“A community-led approach to blackberry management requires a statewide strategic framework. This strategy, led by the Victorian Blackberry Taskforce, will help to better coordinate management efforts and improve opportunities for community blackberry control.”

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to supporting rural and regional communities in their fight to control this invasive weed, as we build a better Victoria.”

The Victorian Blackberry Taskforce works with communities and government agencies to help tackle the spread and impact of blackberry. Mr. Walsh said the taskforce, supported by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, was having an impact and thanked Chairperson Lyn Coulston for all her work.

“The taskforce’s community partnership program covers more than 280,000 hectares of public and private land infested by blackberry.” Mr. Walsh said.

“By adopting new approaches and building the capacity of the community, the taskforce is leading the way for the management of established weeds in Victoria.”

“The Victorian Government is working closely with the taskforce to drive a community-led approach on eradicating established weeds. In 2013-14, DEPI inspected 2,294 properties across 267,121 hectares, issuing 121 Land Management Notices and 473 Direction Notices for the control of weeds and rabbits.”

“In addition, 66 projects were delivered targeting blackberry, gorse, Paterson’s curse, serrated tussock, ragwort and Bathurst burr and rabbit control.” Mr. Walsh said.