Victoria Government Give Farmers A Fair Go

Victoria Government Give Farmers A Fair Go

Victoria Minister for Roads Terry Mulder

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Over Dimensional Vehicles

Victor P Taffa

Farmers will have access to Victoria’s Road Network over the holiday period this year in a move to accommodate for late harvesting as a result of recent wet weather.

Minister for Roads and Public Transport, Terry Mulder, said that recent flooding and extreme weather conditions have heavily impacted on this year’s harvest, especially in Northern and North Eastern Victoria.

“The wet weather has delayed harvesting and farmers are only now coming to the business end of the season, two months after they had hoped.” Mr. Mulder said.

“Every year a curfew comes into effect from the 23 December until 3 January restricting over dimensional vehicles from travelling on the road, as this is a peak time for holiday traffic.”

“However, the Victorian Government recognises the importance of giving farmers access to key routes to meet their needs for this year’s harvest under the circumstances.” Mr. Mulder said.

“Farmers can apply to VicRoads for a no fee permit providing special exemptions to the curfew for over dimensional vehicles to access the road network between Christmas and the New Year.” Mr. Mulder said.

Local Member for Rodney, Paul Weller, said it was vital for the survival of industry that the harvesting vehicles had access to roads this holiday season.

“Granting these exemptions mean farmers will be able to transport farm equipment and machinery at this crucial time.” Mr. Weller said.

“While farmers would ordinarily not have access to the roads during this busy period, we recognise that this year the circumstances are different and we need to accommodate their needs.”

Operators who wish to Transport Agricultural Machinery during this time should contact VicRoads to apply for a permit by calling 03 9881 8852 or faxing a completed application to 03 9881 8853.

VicRoads will assess all applications on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the dimensions of the equipment as well as the planned route. Where required, VicRoads Transport Safety Services (TSS) will escort over dimensional vehicles to ensure the safety of all road users.