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Victoria Minister for Education Martin Dixon

Bipartisan Support For Schools Funding Reform A Positive Step

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Education Martin Dixon today welcomed Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s announcement that he would support the autonomy of Victorian schools.

 “We are pleased that Tony Abbott and the Federal Opposition have recognised the importance of autonomy in Victorian schools. This is a positive move that shows there is real understanding on both sides of politics that Victoria is committed to a school system that ensures no school is worse off, and that it opposes any takeover of our schools by Canberra.” Mr. Dixon said.

“I’ve always maintained that an education system run from Canberra would be a serious step backwards for Victorian schools and students. Education is best managed locally, and that’s what we’ve been arguing for in these negotiations.”

“Our schools are leading the country, and we are pleased to see that Tony Abbott and the Federal Opposition have recognised our concerns today.” Mr. Dixon said.

“Of course, we are also pleased with Mr Abbott’s commitment to additional education funding without the legislative preconditions that will unnecessarily burden schools, and threaten their autonomy.”

“We are committed to continuing to work at all levels of government to get the best deal for Victorian students and schools.” Mr. Dixon said.


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