Victoria Encourages Broadband

Victoria Encourages Broadband

Victoria Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips

Victoria Secures National Lab To Propel Broadband Into The Future

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips today announced a new laboratory which will act as a test-bed for businesses to explore and develop new and innovative applications that will make use of high-speed broadband.

Located at the Institute for a Broadband Enabled Society (IBES) at the University of Melbourne, the Australian Broadband Applications Laboratory (ABAL) will encourage broadband innovation by Australian businesses.

“ABAL will open up new opportunities for Victorian and Australian businesses to explore the innovative use of broadband for projects in a real-world environment.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

“The facility will provide support to a range of organisations from small and medium enterprises through to multinational corporations to foster innovation by leveraging broadband technologies.”

Mr. Rich-Phillips said the establishment of ABAL was a great outcome for Victoria and a direct result of Victorian Government funding of $3 million to IBES, announced in July 2011.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to harnessing high-capacity broadband networks to achieve economic, social and environmental benefits for Victoria and Australia.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.

The laboratory includes a state-of-the-art broadband network that supports the development and testing of new ideas in a real-life environment. By replicating the NBN set-up, businesses will be able to test new service offerings over the NBN.

The laboratory will provide a one-stop-shop to assess end-user reactions to new services and applications, and will allow IBES to further collaborate with businesses.

ABAL will be available for all Australian businesses to use for a fee for service. Initially employing two additional employees, it is expected that ABAL’s staff will grow to around ten employees by 2014.

“This announcement further supports Victoria’s reputation as an attractive investment location and a dynamic technology hub.” Mr. Rich-Phillips said.