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Acting Victoria Premier Peter Ryan

Vic Govt Pledges $250,000 To Oxfam East Africa Food Crisis Appeal

Victor P Taffa

Acting Premier Peter Ryan today pledged $250,000 on behalf of the Victorian Coalition Government to Oxfam Australia for its East Africa Food Crisis Appeal.

Over 13 Million people in East Africa are facing disastrous shortages of food and water following the worst drought in 60 years.

“In Australia we will be sharing time and food with our loved ones during the festive season while families across Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya are in a desperate struggle of survival.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The Coalition Government’s contribution is in keeping with the spirit of giving and may assist in alleviating some of the dreadful realities faced by millions in East Africa.”


Every day thousands of people are being displaced after leaving their homes in search of food, often walking for weeks only to arrive at overcrowded, dangerous and poorly serviced refugee camps.

“There is a desperate need for water, sanitation and food in those camps and much more can be done to support people so they never have to set off on that heartbreaking journey in the first place.” Mr. Ryan said.

“It is the right thing to do and I urge all Victorians to dig deep and give to assist those less fortunate in East Africa get through this terrible crisis.”

Acting Director of International Programs at Oxfam Australia Andrew Hartwich welcomed the Coalition Government’s support, saying it would make a real difference towards saving lives in the drought-stricken Horn of Africa.

“This donation will help Oxfam in its aim of reaching more than 3.5 Million people in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia with lifesaving aid including food, water and sanitation.” Mr. Hartwich said.


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