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Victoria Shadow Minister for Police Peter Ryan

Crime Stats Contradict Brumby Spin

Victor P Taffa

New crime figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) further contradict Premier John Brumby’s claims that Victoria is the safest state in the country, Shadow Minister for Police and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan said today.



“By every measure contained in the ABS Crime Victimisation report, Victoria is not the safest state in Australia – despite what the Premier wants us to believe.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Everyone except John Brumby and the Police Minister acknowledges there is a problem with law and order in Victoria.”

Mr. Ryan said the Crime Victimisation Survey found Victoria’s assault rate of 3.3 % was above the national average of 3.1 %, with 142,000 victims in 2008-2009.

“These crime figures confirm Labor is not doing enough to reduce record levels of violence in the state.” Mr. Ryan said.

“Violent crime and assaults in Victoria have escalated under Labor because the government refuses to invest in Police.”

“For the fifth straight year Victoria has spent the least of any state in Australia on Police resources per person.”

Mr. Ryan said despite record levels of violence, the number of Police per person in Victoria has decreased every year since 2006/2007.

“Instead of increasing resources and putting more Police on the beat, John Brumby isn’t listening, and is failing to protect Victorians.” Mr. Ryan said.

“John Brumby has lost touch with Victorians and his government has failed to deliver more Police on the streets to keep communities safe.”

“Victorians deserve better.” Mr Ryan said.


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