Victoria Announces Top 100 Baby Names For 2013

Victoria Announces Top 100 Baby Names For 2013

Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Victoria’s Top Baby Names For 2013 Revealed

Victor P Taffa

  • Minister for Planning reveals top baby names for 2013
  • William and Charlotte top the list
  • Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby’s name failed to set a trend

William and Charlotte came up trumps as the most popular baby names for 2013.

Minister for Planning Matthew Guy today announced the top 100 names for the year with Charlotte, Ava, and Olivia the most popular choices for girls, and William, Jack and Oliver topping the list for the boys.

In 2012, Jack and Olivia topped both lists.

Mr. Guy said this year’s results showed Victorian parents had chosen a range of traditional and contemporary names.

“Being a father of three sons I know that the arrival of a baby is a very significant time for all families and choosing a name can be difficult in its own right.” Mr. Guy said.

“I congratulate all those who made this very important decision for the 75,148 babies born in Victoria in 2013.”

The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages reported 47 girls’ names and 67 boy’s names were registered 100 times or more.

Director and Registrar Erin Keleher said that parents chose names for a range of reasons including honouring their family, tradition and popular culture.

Indeed the arrival of Prince George in July may have inspired some of the 95 Victorian families to choose this name following the royal birth.

Some celebrity names failed to set a trend, with no parents naming their daughters ‘North’ after Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby girl.

In Victoria, there were 6,932 unique girls names and 5,965 unique boys names registered in 2013.

Jackson was a unique name growing in popularity, with 191 baby boys given the name last year.

Spelling varied according to individual taste as 140 boys were named Jaxon and 32 named Jaxson, bringing to this total up to nearly 360 for 2013.

Girl’s names revealed similar variations with 332 Isabellas, 141 Isabelles, 99 Annabelles, 91 Bellas, 76 Isabels, 45 Annabels, 27 Isobels, 24 Mabels, 23 Arabellas, 15 Belles, 11 Izabellas, 9 Anabelles, 6 Anabellas and 6 Annabellas.

Ms. Keleher said registering a birth with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages was an important step in the early days of a child’s life.

“Whether parents choose a popular or unique name, it is important to register the birth as the first step in forming a child’s official identity.” Ms. Keleher said.

The process is simple, with the birth certificate a vital tool for accessing government services including; Medicare, schools, getting a passport and eventually a driver’s licence.”

The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages also registered 28,017 marriages and 36,428 deaths in 2013.


Top 20 Names of 2013 Registered in Victoria

GIRLS: 1. Charlotte; 2. Ava; 3. Olivia; 4. Mia; 5. Emily; 6. Sophie; 7. Isabella; 8. Chloe; 9. Ruby; 10. Amelia; 11. Grace; 12. Ella; 13. Zoe; 14. Matilda; 15. Sienna; 16. Lily; 17. Isla; 18. Emma; 19. Zara; 20. Lucy.

BOYS: 1. William; 2. Jack; 3. Oliver; 4. Ethan; 5. Thomas; 6. James; 7. Noah; 8. Joshua; 9. Lucas; 10. Mason; 11. Lachlan; 12. Xavier; 13. Liam; 14. Alexander; 15. Max; 16. Samuel; 17. Benjamin; 18. Cooper; 19. Henry; 20. Oscar.