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Victoria Shadow Minister for Health David Davis

Brumby’s Ambulance Response Time Disaster

Victor P Taffa

Ambulance response times are continuing to blow out under Victoria Premier John Brumby, with the Department of Health 2009-10 Annual Report released yesterday showing response times are worsening, putting the lives and health of Victorians at risk.

The report shows Ambulance Victoria failed to meet the statewide benchmark response time of 85 % of Code 1 Emergency Calls responded to within fifteen minutes, with only 80.7 % of cases meeting the benchmark.

In 2008-09 the result for Code 1 Emergency Response Statewide was 82.5 %.

The report also shows that the proportion of Code 1 Emergencies responded to within fifteen minutes in centres with more than 7,500 population was only met in 86.9 % of cases, well below the 90% benchmark and down from 88.2 % last year.


“John Brumby’s mismanagement of the ambulance service is putting lives at risk.” Shadow Health Minister David Davis said today.

“Labor’s incompetence means thousands of people are waiting longer for Ambulances to arrive.”

“John Brumby ordered the forced merger of Rural Ambulance and Metropolitan Ambulance Services, and now Victoria’s Ambulance Service is a disaster.”

“In Opposition, John Brumby and Labor promised Ten-Minute Response times but in government they slackened response times to Fifteen Minutes and they have never met even those increased times.”

“John Brumby and his incompetent Health Minister can’t blame anyone else for this disaster because it is entirely of their doing.”

“John Brumby must explain to Victorian families why their loved ones are being put at risk because of his incompetence.” Mr. Davis said.


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