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Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Brumby’s Transport Shame Revealed

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Labor’s 26 Broken Promises On Transport Projects Since 1999

Premier John Brumby’s latest transport fiasco is just the most recent example of a string of broken promises and unfunded projects since 1999, Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu said today.

Releasing a list of Labor’s 26 broken transport promises over the last 11 years, Mr. Baillieu said John Brumby could not be trusted to deliver on transport.

“Labor’s incompetence on transport since 1999 has led to Victorian families suffering from choked and dangerous roads and an unreliable, unsafe and overcrowded public transport network.” Mr. Baillieu said.



“Victorians struggle with collapsing infrastructure while Labor has wasted $1.4 Billion on the myki ticketing fiasco and $11 Billion on major project cost blowouts over the last 11 years.”

“Because of John Brumby’s broken transport promises, Victorians cannot get to work or school and home again on time and the economy suffer because of poor roads and transport networks.”

Labor’s broken transport promises since 1999 include:

1999 Labor Election Promises

  • Restoration of Passenger Rail to Mildura (has not occurred despite being promised in a May 2001 media release);
  • Restoration of Passenger Rail to South Gippsland (has not occurred despite being promised in a May 2001 media release);
  • Building a Third Rail Track between Blackburn and Mitcham (no funding, yet to commence);
  • Conversion of all Broad Gauge Rail Freight Lines to Standard Gauge (only two out of 13 lines to be standardised have been approved);
  • Rail line Extension from Cranbourne to Cranbourne East (no funding, yet to commence);
  • Melbourne Airport Rapid Transit Link (no funding for rail link, yet to commence).

 2002 Labor Election Promises

  • Increase the percentage of Freight moving to and from Melbourne’s Ports by rail to 30 % by 2010 (abandoned; percentage is now 12 %, having declined since Labor made its promise);
  • Develop a new smart card based ticketing system to be implemented when the current OneLink contract expires in 2007 (result: myki ticketing fiasco).

 November 2004 Metropolitan Transport Plan: Linking Melbourne

  • Significant investment in the passenger rail system (for example, Triplification of the Dandenong Rail Line between Caulfield and Dandenong) to support one of Melbourne’s strongest growing corridors (abandoned);
  • By 2020, 20 % of motorised trips (in Melbourne) to be on Public Transport (downgraded to ‘aspiration’ only);
  • Achieving a 25 % reduction in Tram Travel Times and associated improvements in reliability on designated routes (not achieved average tram speeds remain at below 20 km/h).

 May 2006 Meeting Our Transport Challenges

  • Third Rail Track Springvale to Dandenong (abandoned);
  • Third Rail Platform and Stabling at Pakenham (no funding, yet to commence);
  • New Fourth Rail Platform at Dandenong (no funding, yet to commence);
  • New Rail Platform at Sandringham (no funding, yet to commence);
  • Train stabling at Frankston (no funding, yet to commence);
  • New Werribee Train Station and Train Stabling (no funding, yet to commence);
  • Investigate Upfield to Roxburgh Park train line (no funding, yet to commence);
  • Third Rail Track, Newport to Newport South (Altona) Junction (no funding, yet to commence);
  • Old Geelong Road rail/road level crossing (no funding, yet to commence);
  • Flinders Street Railway Station Upgrade and Track Modification (no funding, yet to commence);
  • Goulburn Valley Highway: Shepparton Bypass (no funding, yet to commence);
  • Western Highway: grade separation (no funding, yet to commence).

 April 2008 Eddington Report

  • $8.5 Billion 17 km Rail Tunnel Footscray to Caulfield (two stages) – no funding from Victorian Government;
  • $9 Billion 18 km East-West road (part tunnel, three stages) – no funding, yet to commence;
  • Common user rail intermodal terminal at Somerton or similar (no funding from Victorian Government, yet to commence).

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