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Victoria Shadow Minister for Health David Davis

Brumby Panics Ahead Of Damaging Auditor General Ambulance Report

Victor P Taffa

  • Last Minute Promises can’t be believed after Eleven Years of Failure and Incompetence

Victoria Premier John Brumby’s admission of failure on Ambulances today is a last-minute panic move ahead of the expected tabling of a report by the Victorian-Auditor General in Parliament this week, Shadow Minister for Health David Davis said today.

“John Brumby and Labor have hopelessly mismanaged Victorian Ambulance Services over their Eleven years in Power and have put the lives of Victorians at risk.” Mr. Davis said.

“Victoria’s Ambulance Services are in an appalling state, failing to meet response times and exposing Victorians in the country and the city to unacceptable delays. Clearly lives are at risk and this is John Brumby’s fault.”


The recently-released Department of Health 2009–10 Annual Report shows a serious deterioration in the performance of Ambulance Victoria, with response time failures placing lives at risk.

The report shows that the statewide benchmark response time of 85 % of Code One emergency calls responded to within fifteen minutes were not achieved, with only 80.7 % of cases meeting the benchmark.

This means thousands of Victorians wait longer for ambulances and vulnerable people are placed at risk.

“In the previous financial year the result for Code One Emergency Response Statewide was 82.5 %, so there has been a significant deterioration in performance. Despite John Brumby’s spin about extra money, his mismanagement is making things worse, not better.” Mr. Davis said.

In Opposition John Brumby and Labor promised 10 minute response times, but in government they weakened them to fifteen minutes. Labor has never met its weakened target and now is achieving even less.

“John Brumby said he would fix our health system, but instead it has massively deteriorated with our Ambulance Service now a Disaster Area.” Mr. Davis said.

“John Brumby’s panicked announcements today follow the Opposition’s lead but simply can’t be believed. He hasn’t delivered on his 1999 promises so why would anyone think that he will deliver on these panicked announcements?”

“It is clear the Brumby Government cannot manage the crisis in Ambulance Victoria and the only way to end the crisis is to change the Government.” Mr. Davis said.

In June this year, the Coalition announced 210 new Paramedics for Regional Victoria and 100 new Ambulance Paramedics for Metropolitan Melbourne as well as 30 new Patient Transport Officers. Wallan and Beauford will receive newly built Ambulance Stations and Belgrave, Emerald, Yarra Junction and Maryborough will be upgraded to 24 Hours.


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