Victims’ Rights Confiscated

Victims’ Rights Confiscated

South Australia Shadow Attorney General Stephen Wade

Third Labor Attempt At Robbing Victims

Victor P Taffa

Today the South Australian Parliament will witness the third attempt by the Labor Government to strip victims of much-needed funds.

The changes, contained in the Criminal Assets Confiscation (Prescribed Drug Offenders Assets) Amendment Bill 2012, propose to redirect funds from confiscated criminal property and instruments of crime away from the Victims of Crime fund and into a government slush fund.

“How low can the Labor Government stoop? Now they’re taking away victims’ money to prop up an ailing budget bottom line.” Shadow Attorney General Stephen Wade said.

“Labor claims it wants to be tough on drug offenders, but what excuse is there for robbing victims?”

“The measures have been rejected by the Legislative Council twice since 2010.” Mr. Wade said.

“Labor knows that this disgraceful proposal lacks the support of the Legislative Council, yet they’ve introduced the identical provisions for the third time.”

“There’s been no attempt to negotiate, no consideration of the fact these laws could be struck down as unconstitutional and no regard for victims.”

“This is simply a lazy Labor attempt at making a budget windfall at the expense of victims.” Mr. Wade said.