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Western Australia Minister for Police Liza Harvey

Police Launch Check My Crime Program

Victor P Taffa

  • Australian-first program allows victims of property crimes to track their investigations
  • Victims can access information for insurance purposes online
  • Check My Crime program to boost service and free up officers for frontline Policing

Police Minister Liza Harvey has launched an Australian-first program to allow victims of stealing and damage related crimes to track the status of their investigation online.

The Check My Crime program enables victims of crime to log-on to the WA Police website for updates on the progress of the Police investigation.

The program also allows victims of crime to access the investigating officers’ contact details as well as add information about their property items.


Mrs. Harvey said the Check My Crime program had been developed internally by WA Police, and would begin operation from today.

“The Check My Crime initiative is a win for victims of these crimes and for Police.” Mrs. Harvey said.

”It puts information at the fingertips of people at a difficult time and it helps frees up officers to focus on the investigation and frontline duties.”

“WA Police currently spend a lot of time manually entering data for stolen and damaged property items. Last year, for stealing crimes alone, there were more than 100,000 stealing reports relating to almost 400,000 individual items.”

“Approximately 16,000 Police officer hours are spent entering these items of property onto the Incident Management System so this new program will mean freeing up more Police officer time for frontline duties.”

The Minister said Check My Crime would also allow victims to obtain extracts of reports from Police, free of charge, for insurance purposes.

“This will assist in reducing the number of hours Police officers spend providing these reports to victims of crime and insurance companies.” Mrs. Harvey said.

Mrs. Harvey said Check My Crime formed part of the Frontline 2020 reform project, which aimed to achieve a more efficient and effective Policing model.

Fact File

  • Access to the website is only available to victims of stealing and damage related reported crimes and cannot be accessed by members of the general public
  • Items that cannot be added to the website include: firearms; explosives; chemicals; drugs; motor vehicles; motor vehicle registration plates; marine craft; motor bikes; caravans; and, trailers
  • In 2012, WA Police received: 103,908 stealing reports relating to 394,481 individual items of reported stolen property; and, 31,979 damage reports relating to 89,821 individual items of reported damaged property

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