VCOSS Welcomes Community Services Announcement

VCOSS Welcomes Community Services Announcement

Victorian Council Of Social Service CEO Cath Smith

VCOSS Welcomes Coalition Community Services Policy

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) welcomes the release of the Coalition’s Community Services Policy, believing it to be a well thought out approach to engaging with the Community Sector VCOSS CEO Cath Smith said today.

“The dual focus on both the rights of individuals and their families to key support services and the sustainability of the community sector is a sound framework. Additional resources will be required for the full benefits of this approach to be realised.”

“The bi-partisan support for the decision of Fair Work Australia in the equal pay case reinforces the vital role of the community sector in the lives of all Victorians.” Ms. Smith said.




“The announcement of a community sector workforce strategy will refocus energy to prevent a workforce crisis that would result in even more Victorians missing out on vital services. A strategy such as this will require significant investment which is not detailed in the Coalition Policy.”

“VCOSS welcomes the focus on reducing red tape both for the community sector and for families. This builds on the valuable ongoing work by the sector and relevant departments to reduce the regulatory burden, which is positive.”

“The focus on improving the outcomes for people with a disability and their families recognises the value of collaborative approaches. We welcome investments into supported accommodation but are disappointed by the absence of additional funds for Individual Support Packages and the Aids and Equipment Program.” Ms. Smith said.

“The announcements to better support vulnerable children and their families are a positive step forward. In particular, the support for parents, the re-focusing of adult services and the appointment of a long-awaited independent Children’s Commissioner are welcome.”

“Also welcome is the investment in out-of-home care, particularly the health and education assessments for children entering residential care as this has the potential to redress poorer outcomes for this group.” Ms. Smith said.

“The leaving care investment and legislative amendments to enable transition support for young people until they are 25 are also important. Family support services must not be overlooked and urgent investment in early intervention supports is also required to improve outcomes for vulnerable families.”

“The youth justice commitment to improve supports for young offenders and improve coordination of support services will go a long way. However, this needs to be accompanied by significant new investment and guaranteed independent representation and legal advice for young people.”

“The Coalition’s Plan for Community Services demonstrates renewed commitment to the community sector and the support we provide to vulnerable Victorians. We trust that this commitment will ensure there will be no cutbacks to vital community supports.” Ms. Smith said.

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