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Western Australia Minister for Environment Bill Marmion

Minister Receives Vasse Coal Report

Victor P Taffa

  • Environment Minister receives Appeal Committee’s report on Vasse Coal
  • Minister says final decision will not be rushed

Environment Minister Bill Marmion has received the independent Appeal Committee’s report on appeals against the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) recommendations on the Vasse Coal proposal.

Mr. Marmion said he acknowledged the high degree of public interest in the proposal but he would not be rushed into making a decision.

“This is a very significant and contentious issue and I understand the level of community concern about this proposal. However, I intend to consider the report of the independent Appeals Committee in full before I determine the appeals.” Mr. Marmion said.


Earlier this year, the EPA rated the proposal environmentally unacceptable when it declared its level of assessment on the proposal as Assessment on Proponent Information (API) category B.

The EPA found the proposal had the potential to adversely impact on a range of environmental values and that the proponent had not adequately demonstrated its coal mining proposal was environmentally acceptable, based on its referral information and the EPA’s own investigations and inquiries.

Subject to the outcome of the appeals, the Minister is also required to consult with relevant decision-making authorities before a final decision is made as to whether or not the proposal should proceed.

Fact File

  • The EPA’s Report 1395 was released on May 2, 2011
  • Five appeals were received, which have been investigated by the Appeals Committee

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