Vanessa Goodwin Loses Her Battle With Brain Cancer

Vanessa Goodwin Loses Her Battle With Brain Cancer

Vanessa Goodwin Dies On Day Of Tasmania State Election 2018

Victor P Taffa

Dr. Vanessa Goodwin has died aged 48 years on the day of the Tasmania State Election 2018.

Vanessa Goodwin was Liberal Member for Pembroke from 2009-17 in Tasmania’s Legislative Council.

Vanessa Goodwin served as Attorney-General, Minster for Justice, Minister for Arts and Minister for Corrections in the Hodgman Government from 2014-17.

Vanessa Goodwin resigned from Cabinet and Parliament in a bid to fight for survival that sadly she has now lost.

News of Vanessa Goodwin’s death came through at 5.17 pm on the day of the Tasmania State Election 2018 as Editor Victor P Taffa is on many media release lists.

Tasmania has lost a great lady who was well respected across all political parties.

Even though Vanessa Goodwin had respect from people across different political parties it should be noted that the concession speeches of Labor Leader Rebecca White and Greens Leader Cassy O’Connor failed to make mention of Vanessa Goodwin’s death.

Most inappropriately they spent more time wanting to hear the sounds of their own voices rather than be aware of events concerning others.

Had they at least mentioned Vanessa Goodwin’s death they would have looked and sounded like leaders.

In comparison while Premier Will Hodgman won the election and was clearly upset about the death of Vanessa Goodwin as a friend and colleague gained more in stature with his shorter victory speech.

Died: 3 March 2018

Born: 22 April 1969

Tasmania State Election 3 March 2018

Given that Vanessa Goodwin died on the day of the Tasmania State Election it is most appropriate to provide a rundown of the likely state of the new Parliament.

There are twenty-five members of the House of Assembly, with five members elected for each of the divisions using the Hare-Clark voting system of multi-member proportional representation. Members are elected for a term of up to 4 years.

5 House of Assembly Divisions are as follows:

  • Bass
  • Braddon
  • Denison
  • Franklin
  • Lyons

Liberal Party led by Premier Will Hodgman stands a good chance of winning 15 seats in the House of Assembly










In figures released from the Tasmania Electoral Commission there is a good chance that the Liberal Party will win 15 seats.

Liberal Party quotas along with preferences from other smaller parties should see the 2 remaining seats that are in doubt to be won by the Liberal Party.

Labor gained 2 seats at the expense of the Greens.

According to First Preference Count from the Tasmania Electoral Commission makeup of the House of Assembly following the 2018 State Election is as follows:


House Of Assembly                              Seats Held

Party                                                          New                Old

Labor                                                               9                      7

Liberal                                                             13                    15

Greens                                                             1                      3

Seats In Doubt                                              2                      0

Total Seats                                               25                    25


Bass                                                            Quota              Elected

Liberal Party                                                   3.53                 3

Australian Labor Party                                    1.59                 1

Seat in Doubt                                                                             1


Liberal Party                                                   3.38                 3

Australian Labor Party                                 1.64                 2


Liberal Party                                                   2.26                 2

Australian Labor Party                                    2.55                 2

Tasmanian Greens                                           1.03                 1


Liberal Party                                                   2.91                 2

Australian Labor Party                                 2.07                 2

Seat in Doubt                                                                          1


Liberal Party                                                     3.05                 3

Australian Labor Party                                    1.99                 2


Tasmania Electoral Commission has not declared any seats as Pre-Poll votes are still being counted and preferences are yet to be distributed.


Legislative Council

Legislative Council elections are held in May each year on a rotating basis of the entire chamber that is re-elected.