Urban Development Approved For Shires Of Gingin And York

Urban Development Approved For Shires Of Gingin And York

Western Australia Minister for Planning John Day

Major Development Sites Approved In The Wheatbelt

Victor P Taffa

Planning Minister John Day has granted final approval to two significant urban development proposals in the Wheatbelt that will help stimulate population growth and economic activity.

Amendment 93 in the Shire of Gingin will rezone 197 ha of land, known as Lancelin South, for urban development and conservation, while Amendment 29 in the Shire of York will establish the 113 ha Daliak precinct, west of the York Townsite, as a major future Development Area.

Mr. Day said the rezoning of Lancelin South, located approximately 2 km south of Lancelin, would pave the way for the future growth of Lancelin and provide employment opportunities and an expanded water supply scheme.

“The Development Proposal will provide 197 ha of land for urban purposes and include some 1,000 residential dwellings, 50 ha of industrial land and 22 ha of conservation land.” Mr. Day said.

“The Environmental values of the area warranted formal assessment of the proposal by the Environmental Protection Authority, which led to a number of environmental conditions being set and land to the east of the site allocated for conservation purposes.”

“The creation of a formal conservation area is an important part of this proposal that will allow development to occur in the context of the site’s important natural values.” Mr. Day said.

The Minister described the proposal for the Shire of York’s Daliak precinct as a significant development for York that would support the growth of one of the State’s most historic townships.

“The Daliak precinct will ultimately provide about 1,000 residential dwellings with a mix of lot sizes, including a proposed Retirement Village.” Mr. Day said.

Mr. Day also approved the zoning of a 343 ha site to the south of York for rural residential purposes that will provide approximately 150 lifestyle lots.

“This proposal will establish the Gwambygine Estate 5 km south of York and add variety to the area’s land market.” Mr. Day said.

The Approved Development Proposals will now proceed with structure planning and site investigations for servicing, water management and detailed design.