Upside Down Elephant Comes To Queensland

Upside Down Elephant Comes To Queensland

Queensland Minister for Arts Ros Bates

White Elephant Goes Public

Victor P Taffa

The Newman Government continues to deal with the fallout of Labor’s appalling waste and financial mismanagement, with a $1.06 Million giant elephant to be installed outside the Gallery of Modern Art.

Arts Minister Ros Bates said the statue was a hangover from the Bligh Government’s shocking misuse of taxpayer dollars.

“We’re talking about a five metre tall, upside down elephant looking at a water rat.” Ms. Bates said.

“It’s this kind of reckless spending that drove Queensland into a spiral of debt.”

“More than a million dollars was spent on this single piece of art, commissioned by an artist who doesn’t live in Queensland or Australia for that matter.

“This is not a smear on the artist or the sculpture, however, the funding from the State Government would have been better spent helping the Queensland arts sector.” Ms. Bates said.

‘The World Turns’ sculpture is currently in New Zealand and will be shipped out from Auckland later this month.

Ms. Bates said the transportation and installation of the piece was estimated to cost taxpayers more than $200,000.

“Unfortunately, the advice I’ve received is there’s no way I can reverse the decision at this late stage so Queenslanders must foot the bill.” Ms. Bates said.

Ms. Bates said the Newman Government is committed to delivering Arts for All Queenslanders, while paying down the massive debt left by Labor.

The installation of ‘The World Turns’ is expected to start on November 14.