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Sydney Is Choking In Peak Hour Traffic Congestion

Victor P Taffa

Over the past few years and also more recently Editor Victor P Taffa has discussed the need to expand our Railways in areas such as the Northern Beaches and the Epping-Parramatta Link.

People have said that “We don’t want that riff raff brought in by those trains.” Additional comments such as these can be read in the Detailed Overview in


These types of comments that trains bring crime to an area are not true. People have said “That the Police don’t want more train lines built as they bring in more crime.”

Again this idea that we cannot build new railway lines to the Northern Beaches or complete the Epping-Parramatta Line because of perceived crime is absurd.

Former New South Wales Labor Premier Bob Carr announced the construction of the Parramatta-Epping Rail Line only to have the project chopped in half by then Labor Treasurer Michael Costa. Treasurers are very good at abandoning Railway projects as they are perceived as being financial white elephants. The fact is that the costs of road construction and railway line construction are about the same.

The attitude against trains and railway lines is simply snobbery by many people. Conversely there are many people that want railway lines built.

Crime is committed against Bus Drivers in the North West of Sydney where there are no railway lines. Bus drivers are attacked regularly and Bus Windscreens are hit by objects. Crime is committed at Kings Cross after the trains have stopped running for the night. Crime is committed in the South West of Sydney where there is a Railway Line by many unemployed people and not because there is a Railway Line.

If crime is brought in to an area by criminals on trains then the criminals have a train to use after committing their crime to get away. Also Drive By shootings are not committed by people who have caught a train.



The Carlingford Line should be duplicated gradually under current budget provisions. Ongoing uncertainty about the Carlingford Line can be cleared up by duplicating the line. At Epping Station the newer underground platforms that were built with the Line to Chatswood include Platform 5 for services to the City via Macquarie Park and Platform 6 for services to Hornsby. There is no visible indication of Platform 4 and is intended for the Line to Parramatta. Platforms 1, 2 and 3 are surface Platforms.

Should the Carlingford Line remain a Heavy Rail Line trains at Epping could leave in a southerly direction from underground Epping Platforms 4 & 5 and emerge from a stub tunnel onto the Northern Line and head towards Strathfield. This idea was previously written about in

Given that the O’Farrell Government is to convert the Epping-Chatswood Line to Metro Rail the alternative is to convert the Carlingford Line to Metro Rail and use Platform 4 at Epping as a terminating Platform and use Platform 6 for services to Parramatta and the North West Line.

It should be noted that Editor Victor P Taffa opposed the former New South Wales Labor Government in wanting to build Metro Rail. The Carlingford Line and a potential connection to the Epping-Chatswood Line or Northern Line is one reason why Editor Victor P Taffa still maintains the same view that Sydney should have Heavy Rail only.

The Parramatta-Epping Railway Line will not bring in more crime. Crime is kept in an area by people living in large apartment complexes such as those close to Telopea Railway Station.



For over 100 years residents have wanted a Northern Beaches Line. Similarly residents have wanted the Wakehurst Parkway widened and drainage installed.

A Northern Beaches Railway would not bring in more crime. Crime is kept in an area by building large apartment complexes rather than a railway line that allows people to leave an area.

A Northern Beaches Railway Line would connect with Hornsby and Chatswood underground and are included in



The O’Farrell Government announced that a Light Rail Line from the beaches area to a new terminus at Wickham will be built. The Light Rail Line can terminate at Newcastle Railway Station in Watt Street or Scott Street and passengers can transfer to the train. This will increase patronage at Newcastle Station. Cutting back the Railway Line will not improve matters. Patronage on the new Light Rail Line will be greater than current Bus Services to Newcastle Station.

Editor Victor P Taffa has a comprehensive plan for Light Rail in Newcastle which is featured in



In 1998 Former New South Wales Labor Premier Bob Carr wanted to build a Railway Line to Bondi Beach in a straight line from Bondi Junction Station. The cost of this was prohibitive and the main reason why the idea was terminated. This direct alignment never utilised the slope of the land properly.

John Bradfield who designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Metropolitan Railways always utilised the slope of the land and ridges when designing new Railway Lines. Utilising the slope of the land was included at a nearby proposed Frenchmans Road Station. This is included in

Trains would continue from Bondi Junction to North Bondi and then to Bondi Beach by following the slope of the land. The underground Railway Station would not have to be built near the beach. Following the slope of the land brings down the cost of constructing underground railway lines. Plans for a Railway Line to Bondi Beach are in

A Railway to Bondi Beach or anywhere else does not bring in more crime. Crime is committed because people are bored or have broken families or drunk or on drugs.


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