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Northern Territory Minister for Tourism Sport and Culture Lauren Moss

New Be Crocwise Resources For Teachers

Victor P Taffa

Territorians live, work and play in crocodile country.

Northern Territory Government takes community safety seriously and today launched an updated Be Crocwise Teaching and Learning Resource Kit for Top End teachers to help them educate students about crocodile safety.

“Long-running Be Crocwise campaign continues to educate the community on how to co-exist in an environment with crocodiles and promote Crocwise behaviour, helping to keep our community safe.” Minister for Tourism Sport and Culture Lauren Moss said.

“By being Crocwise and following a few simple principles around personal safety, locals and visitors can continue to enjoy camping and adventures in our Top End parks, reserves and waterways.”

Early primary and middle years teachers can now hold Be Crocwise lessons without assistance from the Be Crocwise team to help promote crocodile safety through simple behavioural changes.

“This new Teaching and Learning Resource Kit will be a valuable source of information for schools and help them teach pupils how to Be Crocwise.” Be Crocwise Community Engagement Manager Tim Porter said.

Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture and the Department of Education developed the updated resource.

“Having the Teaching and Learning Resource Kit available to all early childhood educators across the Top End will allow them to feel adequately prepared to educate children how to Be Crocwise.” Principal Nakara Primary School Jo Glennon said.

NT Minister for Tourism Sport And Culture Lauren Moss










Be Crocwise vehicle has also had a makeover, with a brand-new look sure to spark conversations about being Crocwise as it travels to Top End schools.


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