Untangle The Network

Untangle The Network

The Case For Third Live Rail Metro Rail Is Just A Con On The Public

Victor P Taffa

What is happening in Victoria in Railway Expansion makes a lot of sense. What is happening in New South Wales in Railway Expansion is just a con on the Public. In Victoria the Regional Line separates Suburban from Regional Trains and is jointly funded by the Federal and Victoria Government’s. The Regional Rail Line is currently under construction.




The Regional Rail Line is a 47.5 km railway line through the inner western suburbs of Melbourne from Southern Cross Station, running through Sunshine, Tarneit and connecting with the Geelong Line at West Werribee. The Regional Rail Line is a broad gauge line being built at or above ground with the primary aim of improving grade separation and separating Geelong, Ballarat and Bendigo V/Line rail services from the Melbourne Rail Network.

Victoria is retaining a Heavy Rail Track Network whereas in New South Wales the case to build Third Live Rail Metro Rail is simply a con on the public in the same way that abandoning Trams for Buses would be better for Sydney. Modern day Trams on Standard Gauge Light Rail Tracks are again spreading throughout Sydney.

For many years the catch cry of those promoting Third Live Rail Metro Rail has been to ‘Untangle the Network’ because one incident on one line affects the whole rail network. The argument is that to untangle the network it has to be sold off in order to improve it.

Metro Rail Carriage Cattle Class

Metro Rail Carriage Cattle Class









Where would Sydney be had the East Hills and Bankstown Lines not have been extended?

Extending, Duplicating, Quadrupling and generally improving OUR Rail Network is what Sydney and New South Wales needs. New South Wales can achieve what the Victoria Government is doing by Quadrupling existing Rail Corridors. Heavy Rail Corridors such as:

  • Bankstown Line: Sydenham-Cabramatta needs 2 more tracks
  • Carlingford Line: needs 2 tracks for entire line
  • East Hills Line: needs 4 tracks for entire line
  • Illawarra Line: Hurstville-Sutherland needs 2 more tracks
  • Northern Line: Hornsby-Strathfield needs 2 more tracks
  • Richmond Line: needs 2 tracks for entire line
  • Southern Line: Granville-Macarthur needs 2 more tracks
  • Western Line: Strathfield-Penrith needs 2 more tracks

While the East Hills Line has had additional Tracks laid in recent times, quadrupling the entire East Hills Line is an important project that would be needed when the South West Line is opened. When the South West Line continue onto the second Sydney Airport expanding the capacity of the East Hills Line will become essential.

Bradfield Railway Tunnels Sydney CBD

Bradfield Railway Tunnels Sydney CBD



















Since the opening of the Western Line on 26 September 1855 from Sydney-Parramatta the Rail Network expanded throughout New South Wales on a standard gauge track. Dates of the history of the Sydney Metropolitan Heavy Rail Network includes:


    • Abattoirs Line:
    • Opened: 4 October 1940
    • Closed: 9 November 1984
    • Airport Line: 2000
    • Bankstown Line:
    • Sydenham-Belmore 1880-1895
    • Belmore-Bankstown 1896-1909
    • Bankstown-Regents Park 1928-1939
    • Regents Park-Cabramatta 1924
    • Camden Line:
    • Opened: 10 March 1882
    • Closed: 1 January 1963
    • Carlingford Line: 1896
    • City Circle Line:
    • Opened: 1926 (Central-St. James)
    • Opened: 1932 (Central-Wynyard)
    • Opened: 1956 (Circular Quay Railway Station Completes Line)
    • Cronulla Line:
    • Tram Line along Kingsway: 1911-1931
    • Single Track Railway Opened:16 December 1939
    • Duplicated Track Gymea-Caringbah Opened:15 July 1985
    • Duplication Of Entire Line Opened: 19 April 2010
    • Cumberland Line: 1996
    • Darling Harbour Goods Line:
    • Opened: 26 September 1855
    • Closed:1997-Transferred for Light Rail Use to Wentworth Park and Dulwich Hill
    • East Hills Line:
    • Sydenham-East Hills 1931
    • East Hills-Glenfield 1987
    • Eastern Suburbs Line: 23 June 1979
    • Epping-Chatswood Line: 2009
    • Holsworthy Line:
    • Opened: 21 January 1918
    • Closed: 21 June 1977
    • Illawarra Line:
    • Redfern-Hurstville 15 October 1884
    • Hurstville-Sutherland 26 December 1885
    • North Shore Line:
    • Opened: 1 January 1890 ( Hornsby-St. Leonards)
    • Opened: 1 May 1893 (St. Leonards-Milsons Point)
    • Opened: 19 March 1932 (Sydney Harbour Bridge)
    • North West Line: Under Construction
    • Northern Line:
    • Strathfield-Hornsby 17 September 1886
    • Olympic Park Line: 1998
    • Richmond Line: 1864
    • Richmond-Kurrajong Line:
    • Opened: 8 November 1926
    • Closed: 26 July 1952
    • Rogans Hill Line:
    • Opened: 28 January 1923 To Castle Hill, 24 November 1924 To Rogans Hill.
    • Closed: 31 January 1932
    • Rookwood Cemetery Line:
    • Opened: 22 October 1864
    • Closed: 1948
    • Ropes Creek Line:
    • Opened: 1 March 1942 (St. Marys-Dunheved)
    • Closed: 22 March 1986
    • Royal National Park Line:
    • Opened: 9 March 1886
    • Closed: 1991-Transferred to Sydney Tramway Museum
    • Sandown Line:
    • Opened: 1892
    • Closed: 2010
    • South West Line: Under Construction
    • Southern Line:
    • Granville-Liverpool 26 September 1856
    • Liverpool-Campbelltown 17 May 1858
    • Warwick Farm Racecourse Line:
    • Opened: 12 June 1889
    • Closed: 1991
    • Western Line:
    • Sydney-Parramatta 26 September 1855
    • Parramatta-Blacktown 4 July 1860
    • Blacktown-Penrith 18 January 1863
    • Penrith-Mount Victoria 1 May 1868
    • Woronora Cemetery Line:
    • Opened 13 June 1900
    • Closed 23 May 1947

The closure of small single track branch lines over the years shows the short sightedness of all Railway Planners except that of Dr. John Bradfield. Dr. John Bradfield designed and built the Sydney Harbour Bridge, City Circle Railway, Metropolitan passenger and goods lines and planned lines to the Northern Beaches, Eastern and South-Eastern Suburbs that are yet to be built. Some Plans that are contained in www.isput.com.au are a revival of the plans of Dr. John Bradfield.

The population of Sydney has grown 3 times the size of the Sydney Heavy Rail Network. In that time Roads, Schools and Hospitals have all been built. Over the years land is subdivided, new suburbs established and yet no new Railway Lines are built or old Branch Lines such as the Camden, Richmond-Kurrajong, Rogans Hill and Ropes Creek Lines are closed.

Cronulla Line Terminating Tracks and Platform

Cronulla Line Terminating Tracks and Platform












Forcing Third Live Rail Metro Rail upon Sydney at the expense of the Heavy Rail Network simply shows that people are being conned. Similarly the people of Newcastle are being hoodwinked with a need to replace the Heavy Rail Line with Light Rail when Trams were abandoned in 1950.

The Eastern Suburbs Line that opened in 1979 was planned to go to Mascot, Double Bay, Rose Bay, Sydney Cricket Ground and Randwick Racecourse in 1947.

The North West Line under construction should be Heavy Rail and the Epping-Chatswood Line should remain a Heavy Rail Line. Plans to extend the Line from Epping-Parramatta were never completed because some people wanted to introduce Third Live Rail Metro Rail and this would not have been possible had the Parramatta-Epping Line have been built as originally intended.

This was not told to the public and as such people are being conned about Third Live Rail Metro Rail. The Parramatta-Epping project is largely a duplication and upgrade of the Carlingford Line. The Carlingford Line is a single track line that was Stage 1 of a 3 Stage line to Dural that opened in 1896. Stages 2 and 3 were never built.

Single Deck Train Carriages that operated in Sydney for 80 years.

Single Deck Train Carriages that operated in Sydney for 80 years.












To start Heavy Rail improvement we need to build the Bradfield Line that can be read and downloaded at http://isput.com.au/elections/2015-sydney-state-election/  Victor P Taffa is contesting the seat of Sydney at the 28 March 2015 New South Wales Election as an INDEPENDENT Candidate.

At the end of the day it matters little who cuts the opening ribbon as long as there is an opening ribbon to cut.


On Television News Bulletins in Sydney on 5 June 2014 there were stories of chaos on the roads in Morning Peak Hour. Whether it be traffic accidents or over-height trucks the Sydney Harbour Tunnel is quite often clogged and this has a disastrous knock-on effect on the rest of the road system.

  • People will say that more roads will be better.
  • People will say that WestConnex will be better.
  • People will say that NorthConnex will be better.

On 4 June 2014 Victor P Taffa drove along Pennant Hills Road in afternoon Peak Hour and traffic flowed quite well on the 6 Lane Road that is in the vicinity of the planned NorthConnex.

  • Sydney needs Heavy Railway Improvements and Expansion.
  • Sydney does not Third Live Rail Metro Rail
  • Newcastle does not need Light Rail at the expense of Heavy Rail.

It should be noted that Victor P Taffa has been a Taxi Driver in Sydney for nearly 5 Years and knows the vagaries of the road system only too well.

A cutback of the Newcastle Railway Line will be a backward step for the Transport system of Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.


Special Interest Reasons:

  •  Previously worked as a Taxi Driver from Oct 2002-May 2007.

WestConnex should not involve resuming affected Residential Properties’ without compensating owners at Current Market Value Rates.

WestConnex will not solve traffic congestion. The M2 Motorway was sold as the answer to traffic congestion and the final piece in the missing road network puzzle.

WestConnex will worsen congestion particularly on the City West Link.

WestConnex will not be going near Southern Cross Drive and there are no plans to widen the M5 East.

WestConnex will not be going to Sydney Airport.

I do not oppose widening current lanes or improving lane configuration on the M4.

Opposing Case:

City West Link:

The City West Link cannot currently handle traffic let alone funnel more traffic onto it with the construction of WestConnex. The only alternative is to widen the City West Link and this requires the purchase of Homes.

Cross City Tunnel:

William Street used to be a 6 Lane Road. When the Cross City Tunnel was opened traffic was forced to use Cross City Tunnel and William Street was reduced to 1 Lane in either direction. There is no guarantee that Tunnel Funnelling will not occur with roads around WestConnex. The Cross City Tunnel has gone broke since opening to traffic.

Lane Cove Tunnel:

Epping Road used to be a 6 Lane Road. When the Lane Cove Tunnel was opened traffic was forced to use Lane Cove Tunnel and Epping Road was reduced to 1 Lane in either direction. There is no guarantee that Tunnel Funnelling will not occur with roads around WestConnex. The Lane Cove Tunnel has gone broke since opening to traffic.

Alternative Plans:


Traffic at the M4/Centenary Drive intersection should be heading south via a widened Centenary Drive or a new tunnel connected to the M5. This will shorten the link between the M4 and the M5 which is what the WestConnex project is intended upon doing.

King Georges Road:

King Georges Road at Beverly Hills is a 6 Lane Road. Beyond South Hurstville King Georges Road is a 6 Lane Road. The section of King Georges Road between Beverly Hills and South Hurstville is 4 Lanes and requires to be widened to 6 Lanes.

The Land for the widening is set aside.

Victoria Road:

Between the area in the vicinity of the old White Bay Power Station and the old White Bay Hotel site a City Bound 3 Lane fly-over to connect seamlessly to the ANZAC Bridge for Victoria Road. The existing Bus Stop near the old White Bay Hotel site would be incorporated onto the new fly-over.

At present City Bound Traffic merges from 3 Lanes to 2 Lanes across the Goods Railway Bridge and goes back to 3 Lanes. This Fly-over would join seamlessly with the Anzac Bridge. In addition to Traffic Congestion caused by the Iron Cove Bridge Duplication the Victoria Road White Bay area is also Heavily Congested at all times of the day.

Pacific Highway:


The Pacific Highway at Grafton is in urgent need of duplication.

On 20 October 1989 21 People were killed and 22 People were Injured in a horrific Bus Crash.


The Pacific Highway at Kempsey is in urgent need of duplication.

On 22 December 1989 35 People were killed and 41 People were Injured in a horrific Bus Crash.

The Pacific Highway between Newcastle and the Queensland Border similarly requires duplication.

The Pacific Highway Duplication Projects are more urgent and important than building WestConnex.

Heavy Railway Expansion:

I do not support plans for Light Rail down Parramatta Road.

Heavy Railway Expansion should occur in preference to Parramatta Road Light Rail.

Expanding our Railways is more an urgent and important problem to overcome than building WestConnex. This includes new Heavy Railway Lines, Line Duplication and Line Quadrupling.

Electrifying every Railway Line throughout New South Wales is more an urgent and important problem to overcome than building WestConnex.

High Speed Rail is more an urgent and important problem to overcome than building WestConnex.

www.isput.com.au contains Heavy Railway Expansion Plans and is a better solution than WestConnex.