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South Australia Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans

SA Has The Highest Youth Unemployment In The Nation

Victor P Taffa

South Australia’s youth unemployment rate has skyrocketed to 41.6 % in August, the highest across Australia and the highest rate in SA in 16 years. This is an increase of 19 % from July, on Premier Weatherill’s watch.

Over the past few months, the State Liberals have highlighted the ever-increasing youth unemployment rate in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

When this rate was 43.4 % for the northern suburbs, Premier Weatherill described it as an:

 “almost meaningless statistic.” (Hansard 20/2/13)



Today’s ABS data reveals a youth unemployment rate of 41.6 % across the whole state.

“Does Premier Weatherill still believe that this is a meaningless statistic?” Shadow Treasurer Iain Evans asked.

“More than halfway through the period in which the Labor Government promised to create 100,000 new jobs, Labor has destroyed 3,700 jobs.

“In fact, the Weatherill Labor Government must create 3,500 jobs a month to meet this 100,000 new jobs target.”

“Mr. Weatherill’s 2013-14 State Budget also predicted 1 % jobs growth in 2013-14 but there has already been a 1.5 % jobs decline just two months into the financial year!” Mr. Evans said.

“Premier Weatherill can’t be trusted to manage the State’s economy, he can’t be trusted to deliver what he promises and he can’t be trusted to manage our State’s future.”

“Sadly, it is our young South Australians the future of our State who are suffering.”

“South Australians deserve a Government with better priorities to get our State back on track.” Mr. Evans said.


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