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South Australia Shadow Minister for Employment David Pisoni

South Australians Give Up Looking For Work

Victor P Taffa

Another day has brought another set of damning economic figures for South Australians, this time with ABS Labor Force statistics revealing SA’s unemployment rate yet again above the national average at 5.6 % in September.

South Australia’s unemployment rate has been trending the wrong way all year and the number of unemployed has grown by over 4,000 people.

“Following their election promise to create 100,000 new jobs, Labor has only delivered 1,200 part time jobs with fewer South Australians working full-time.” Shadow Employment Minister David Pisoni said.

“The ABS figures also reveal that 23,000 South Australians have given up looking for work since Labor was re-elected.”

“Youth unemployment is also again the highest of all mainland states at 28.1 %.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“Premier Weatherill needs to start taking responsibility for his Government’s complete mismanagement of the South Australian economy, especially the diminishing opportunities for young South Australians.”

There also seems little hope for improvement with a key finding of the Hudson Report released today revealing that 76 % of employers are not intending to hire more staff.”

“SA is the highest taxed state in the nation and it is increasingly difficult for businesses to succeed here, because Labor has failed to create an environment that encourages and supports business growth.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“One of the key priorities of a Redmond Liberal Government would be to repair the state’s economy.”

“Sadly, Premier Weatherill doesn’t appear to be as committed to fixing this Labor mess, seeing as there are fewer South Australians with jobs now than when Mr. Weatherill became Premier.” Mr. Pisoni said.


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