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South Australia Shadow Minister for Employment David Pisoni

Rann & Weatherill Fight For Top Job As More South Australians Lose Theirs

Victor P Taffa

While lame duck Premier Mike Rann and the L-plater Premier-in-waiting Jay Weatherill have been fighting over the top job 1,600 more South Australians have become unemployed.

According to ABS statistics released today South Australia’s unemployment rate has jumped to 5.3 %. It is second only to flood-ravaged Queensland and well above the national average of 5.1 %.

Shadow Employment Minister David Pisoni said Labor Ministers must stop pursuing their own self interests and start looking out for the interests of South Australians.

“Labor is saying they care more about their own jobs than jobs for South Australians.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“While Premier Rann and Mr. Weatherill have been fighting over the top job, in the last month 1,600 South Australians have become unemployed.

“Labor’s instability under two half-baked Premiers means South Australia continues to remain in a holding pattern.

“After ten years under Premier Rann South Australia is in an employment crisis and there is no guarantee things will improve under Mr. Weatherill’s weak leadership.”


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