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Northern Territory Treasurer Nicole Manison

Undergrounding Power In More Northern Territory Schools

Victor P Taffa

School undergrounding power project is underway with works commencing at 3 more Northern Territory primary schools this week.

Jingili Primary, Moil Primary and Larrakeyah Primary are the schools beginning their undergrounding power works this week.

“We are providing funding specifically to underground power supply to suburban schools, which will see every Darwin residential suburb that has above ground power receive a benefit from this project, while also seeing a roll out of local ongoing jobs.” Treasurer Nicole Manison said.

“During severe weather events this work will help schools avoid losing power and enable them to remain open, providing safe environments for children while recovery efforts occur.”

In severe weather events, undergrounded power to schools will help keep them connected, enabling them to remain open and provide safe environments for children while recovery efforts take place.

Schools will also be offered the opportunity to participate in the program by providing artwork to decorate the substation at their school.

All 9 Darwin Schools will receive undergrounding power works with Alawa Primary, Nemarluk Primary and Wagaman Primary School completing their undergrounding power in 2019.


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