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New South Wales Minister for Energy Matt Kean

Affordable Reliable Power For New South Wales

Victor P Taffa

Reliable Power also includes Coal Fired Power. Some people’s obsession against Coal Fired Power is like trying to drive a car with 3 wheels.

Households across New South Wales are expected to save $40 per year on their electricity bills and the State will have one of the highest reliability targets in the world under the New South Wales Electricity Strategy, released today.

Minister for Energy Matt Kean said the Strategy will ensure reliable and affordable electricity supply for the people of New South Wales, particularly in peak summer periods.

“We want to create a competitive, low-cost market that delivers resilient energy supply while putting downward pressure on electricity prices.” Minister Kean said.

“Not only does this Strategy help us achieve that, it will attract $8 billion in investment for emerging energy technologies in New South Wales, diversifying our energy supply and creating jobs for the future.”

Strategy includes a new Energy Security Safeguard to drive the roll-out of energy efficiency technologies and smart appliances that use electricity when it is cheap and off-peak, and an Energy Security Target to ensure there is enough capacity in the electricity grid on the hottest days, even with the 2 largest generating units offline.

It will also include a plan to deliver Australia’s first coordinated Renewable Energy Zone in the Central-West to support the new generation needed to get energy bills down.

“As our existing power generators approach the end of their lives, we need to ensure low-cost alternatives are coming online.” Minister Kean said.

“By focusing on reliability, we can ensure that we can get the benefits of renewables without the reliability problems we have seen in other states.”

“While there will always be extreme events which impact the grid’s reliability, our Electricity Security Target will mean that changes to the State’s energy mix do not come at the expense of our system’s reliability.” Minister Kean said.

New South Wales Electricity Strategy is available here and is published ahead of today’s COAG Energy Council meeting in Perth.


COAG            Council of Australian Governments

Explanatory Notes:

Premiers Conferences were the forerunner to COAG. Premiers Conferences were lively affairs with every State standing up for its fair share of the Canberra Financial Pie.

Attending Premiers included:

  • New South Wales led by Sir Robert Askin
  • Queensland led by Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen
  • South Australia led by Don Dunstan
  • Tasmania led by Robin Gray
  • Victoria led by Sir Henry Bolte
  • Western Australia led by Sir Charles Court

Just to be politically correct Premiers Conferences had to be renamed COAG where dull and drab ruled the waves and everyone agreed upon everything.

Premiers arguing in favour of their state were just doing their state a favour and ensuring that Australia had 6 competitive States and not just 1 uncompetitive entity.

Since when did we have a Football or Cricket Match with only 1 side contesting the game?

Those who wanted COAG just wants an excuse to abolish State Governments.

Northern Territory should have become a State Government in 1911 when it was annexed from South Australia.

Only with Statehood will the new state of Northern Australia or North Australia truly grow and prosper economically.

  • School Education standards are being held back by Territory status for every Territorian.

Northern Territory being administered by the Federal Department of Territories in Canberra will never realise its full potential.

Canberra telling Darwin what to do is not a recipe for success.

  • Canberra is the Capital City of Australia
  • Darwin is the Capital City of Northern Territory

Northern Territory needs to become Australia’s 7th duly constituted state within existing boundaries with a State Premier in attendance. Then COAG can revert to being called Premiers Conferences.

Australia after all is a Federation of States.


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