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Victoria Shadow Minister for Education Martin Dixon

Another Brumby Blowout

Victor P Taffa

The Brumby Government’s ploy to have schools pay for the introduction of the Ultra net was a cynical way of topping up funding to hide cost blowouts that have riddled the IT project according to Shadow Education Minister Martin Dixon.

“The Ultra net is late and already over budget at $77 Million, up from its original cost of $60.5 Million.” Mr. Dixon said.

“Demanding schools pay $5,000 at the expense of other school projects is just a cynical attempt to hide yet another cost blow out debacle.”




“Many schools, especially small or disadvantaged schools, don’t have $5,000 to plug Labor’s budget blowouts and schools are under enough pressure meeting the government’s other Ultra net deadlines.” Mr. Dixon said.

“Like myki, the Ultra net was the Brumby Government’s bright idea, and schools should not be forced to pay thousands of dollars because Labor can’t manage projects.” Mr. Dixon.


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