Turnbull V Abbott Infighting Leads To Higher Energy Prices

Turnbull V Abbott Infighting Leads To Higher Energy Prices

Victoria Minister for Energy Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio

Turnbull Refuses To Lead On Energy Policy

Victor P Taffa

Current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Greens Party and South Australia Jay Weatherill are at war on how to keep the lights on for everyone.

Andrews Government today presented its proposed gas market reforms to the COAG Energy Council.

“If Malcolm Turnbull was genuinely concerned about rising power prices he would immediately endorse a clean energy target and cap the unsustainable level of gas exports that are driving up prices this would give businesses, industry and consumers the certainty they need.” Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio said.


“Malcolm Turnbull’s own advice shows that his gas plan won’t have any impact on prices. Our plan would have an immediate impact and should be implemented without further unnecessary delays.”

Victoria Government developed its own plan because Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Federal Domestic Gas Security Mechanism doesn’t go far enough, quickly enough.

In fact the Turnbull Government’s own analysis released to COAG has shown that the Mechanism cannot be expected to reduce domestic prices below export prices.

Victorian proposal includes a new gas export mechanism that would place a cap on the total allowable gas that major companies can export in order to protect domestic needs.

Andrews Government is also exploring the development of a LNG import terminal in Victoria.

Australia is now the world’s second largest LNG exporter, with around two thirds of gas produced for the east coast market exported to Asia.

“There is something seriously wrong when you can buy Australian gas in Japan for a cheaper price than what businesses in Victoria are being charged and this need to change.” Ms. D’Ambrosio said.

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Australian Energy Market Commission also handed down its review into the Victorian gas market which made several recommendations aimed at lowering barriers to entry, streamlining trading practices and improving transparency to help support greater competition.

These recommendations were accepted by the Andrews Government and will be implemented without delay, putting downward pressure on gas prices.

“Victoria and other states are willing to go it alone on a Clean Energy Target. The paralysis in the Liberal party, fuelled by childish bickering between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott, is leading to higher energy prices for Victorians.” Ms. D’Ambrosio said.

Victoria has also joined with the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland and South Australia to independently request that the Australian Energy Market Commission investigate the implementation of a national Clean Energy Target.

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Conversion Of Coal Fired Power Stations

Clean Coal as announced by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is very easy to achieve.

Both Coal Fired Power Stations in South Australia and Victoria can be ‘Converted’ to a Cleaner Coal Fired Power Station and both Premier Weatherill and Premier Andrews could be congratulated for keeping the lights on and reducing Power Bills.

Greens Party wants to destroy Heavy Rail Trains just to destroy Coal Fired Power Stations and make everyone pay for their candle light policy.

Clean Coal or Dirty Coal please do not use Coal as an excuse to destroy Heavy Rail and not to build High Speed Rail.

In South Australia, Premier Jay Weatherill turns out the lights when it is not windy has shutdown a Coal Fired Power Station.

In Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews has shutdown a Coal Fired Power Station just to follow other people’s candle light policy.

Rather than ‘Converting’ the Epping-Chatswood Railway Line in Sydney to something else these Coal Fired Power Stations can be ‘Converted’ to Clean Coal Fired Power Stations so Heavy Rail Trains keep going and Capital City-Capital City High Speed Rail becomes a reality.

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Federal Seat Of Kooyong

Federal seat of Kooyong in Victoria was held by Sir Robert Menzies from 1934-66. Sir Robert Menzies was Prime Minister from 1939-41 & 1949-66.

Sir Robert Menzies would be turning in his grave if he knew what current holder of the seat of Kooyong and Federal Minister for Resources and Energy Josh Frydenberg was up to with regards to increasing energy prices for everyone.

Sir Robert Menzies was not Prime Minister for a record period by mistake. Menzies had his ‘Finger on the Pulse’ and knew what every Australian needed.

Energy policy such as Windmills Policy did not exist under Menzies and nor did high energy prices.

Sir Robert Menzies built the Snowy Mountains Scheme which began in 1949 under Prime Minister Ben Chifley that provided everyone with affordable electricity for industry, home usage and railways.

Policies supported by the current Federal Member for Kooyong were complete opposite to what Sir Robert Menzies provided with cheap, affordable electricity for everyone.

Besides water, electricity is a vital commodity for everyone’s daily life.

(COAG) Council of Australian Governments

(LNG) Liquefied Natural Gas