Treasurer Announces Changes To Board Of Territory Generation

Treasurer Announces Changes To Board Of Territory Generation

Northern Territory Treasurer Nicole Manison

Changes To Board Of Territory Generation

Victor P Taffa

Treasurer Nicole Manison announced changes to the Board of Territory Generation.

Treasurer Manison said it is vital Territory Generation are able to respond effectively to the challenges of a dynamic energy landscape as the Territory moves towards the election commitment of 50 % renewables by 2030.

“All Territorians deserve safe, reliable and affordable electricity and we must ensure that the Government Owned Corporations can deliver into the future.” Treasurer Manison said.

“Since coming to government I have been concerned about the financial sustainability of Territory Generation due to structural separation.”

“I commissioned a report into these matters by Mr. Jim Colvin who has expertise in Government Owned Corporations and it is clear action needs to be taken to address financial performance issues.”

“Many of these issues stem from the chaotic former CLP Government’s disastrous handling of the structural separation of the Power and Water Corporation and they must be addressed going forward.” Treasurer Manison said.

“It is clear a new direction is needed for Territory Generation, and we have acted swiftly to ensure Government’s performance expectations.”

Treasurer Manison thanked the outgoing Board for their service.

An interim Board has been appointed in accordance with Section 13(5) of the Government Corporation’s Act, consisting of Ms. Christine Charles, and former Power and Water Corporation executives Mr. Richard Galton, and Mr. Dennis Bree (Interim Chair).

A recruitment process for permanent Board positions will commence in the New Year.


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