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Queensland Shadow Minister for Transport Scott Emerson

Online Train Site Down For Election

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s Transport Minister Annastacia Palaszczuk has been called to explain why QR’s online train tracker has been down for nearly two weeks of the election during commuter service chaos and when a string of stations have been closed for maintenance.

Liberal National Party (LNP) Shadow Transport Minister Scott Emerson said Premier Anna Bligh and the Minister need to honestly explain what’s going on.

“QR’s online performance tracker that’s supposed to update southeast Queensland commuters on how trains are running has been down since March 8.” Mr. Emerson said.

“During all the commuter chaos of the past couple of weeks there’s been no updates.”


“We haven’t heard a word from the Transport Minister it seems more than just a coincidence that the site’s been idle during all the chaos on the southeast network power blackouts, boom gate malfunctions, problems with water and other issues that have cancelled and delayed many services.” Mr. Emerson said.

“The commuter advocacy group Rail Back on Track is questioning the government whether the failure to update the site is deliberate during a couple of shocking weeks on the rail network.”

“We need some straight answers from the Minister.”

Mr. Emerson said only the LNP was committed to improving frontline services and providing lower fares for southeast commuters by making travel free after nine go card journeys in a week.

“We will also cut Labor’s 15 % fare hikes in half bringing real relief to commuters.”

“Queenslanders should not forget that Labor hid its plan to increase the cost of public transport from voters until after the last election.” Mr. Emerson said.

“A vote for local Labor Members in Brisbane and southeast Queensland on March 24 is a vote to increase public transport fares by another 15 % in 2013 and again in 2014.”

“After 20 years Labor’s only plan is to increase the cost of living for commuters and deliver reduced service reliability.”

“The LNP’s public transport policy is passenger focussed.” Mr. Emerson said.

“It’s time for a change. It’s time to get Queensland back on track.”


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