Transport Permits Restored

Transport Permits Restored

Western Australia Minister for Transport Troy Buswell

Special Transport Arrangements To Assist Pastoralists

Victor P Taffa

The State Government has Reinstated Special Livestock Transport Permits to assist the Pastoral Industry deal with impacts of last year’s dry season in the North-West and recent heavy rain in parts of the Murchison and Gascoyne.

Exceptional circumstances permits are issued by Main Roads WA and enable livestock to be transported in 53.5 metre long road trains on certain routes.

Transport Minister Troy Buswell said Main Roads WA had started issuing the permits this week.

“These permits were used extensively throughout 2010 to alleviate the effects of the dry season in the Pilbara by allowing cattle to be trucked south of Geraldton for agistment.” Mr. Buswell said.

“We now have a situation where pasture feed in agistment areas is becoming sparse while heavy rain in parts of the Gascoyne, Murchison and Pilbara is providing new pasture growth.”

“By allowing the 53.5 metre road trains to operate, pastoralists can move a greater number of animals rapidly while alleviating animal welfare risks associated with feed deprivation.” Mr. Buswell said.

The exceptional circumstances arrangements will be reviewed in two months.