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South Australia Shadow Minister for Transport Vickie Chapman

$45 Million Carbon Tax Bill For Transport

Victor P Taffa

South Australian transport operators will be hit with a $45 Million Carbon Tax bill this year according to briefing documents provided to senior Labor Minister Conlon.

The documents also reveal Mr. Conlon was aware of the massive cost increase a year ago but unlike his interstate counterparts chose to remain silent.

Opposition Transport spokeswoman Vickie Chapman said the impact of the Carbon Tax on basic services was unacceptable.

“Basic items have to be transported from where they are produced to consumers and Labor’s Carbon Tax will have a massive impact on transport costs.”

“Labor’s Carbon Tax will drive up the cost of a litre of milk and a loaf of bread.” Ms. Chapman said.

“The new tax will hurt South Australians and the State Labor Government has done absolutely nothing to ensure that does not happen.”

“South Australia needs stronger leaders who will look after our interests and ensure a prosperous future for our State.” Ms. Chapman said.


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