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Federal Minister for Regional Development Simon Crean

Acting Victoria Premier Peter Ryan

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Latrobe Valley Transition Committee Releases Report

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Federal Minister for Regional Development Simon Crean and Victorian Acting Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Minister Peter Ryan today welcomed the release of a report that aims to guide the diversification of the Latrobe Valley economy.

The Latrobe Valley Transition Committee (LVTC) report released today identifies opportunities to help grow and diversify the region’s industry base and labour market.

Mr. Crean said the Federal Government was committed to working in partnership with the Victorian Government and local leaders to develop a plan for economic diversification in the Latrobe Valley.

“Despite political differences over carbon pricing, we are taking a bipartisan approach to building jobs and skills for the Latrobe Valley and diversifying the regional economy.” Mr. Crean said.

Mr. Crean and Mr. Ryan congratulated the Committee and said they shared their vision for the region to ‘be a dynamic and diverse region with the physical resources and community capabilities to build a resilient economy, abundant opportunities and great lifestyle choices’.

Mr. Ryan said local leaders have presented practical solutions to support the region through this economic transition, including in the areas of infrastructure investment, workforce development and innovation.

“They understand the need for economic diversification and have made it clear they want to see a bipartisan approach to facing up to the challenge of change.” Mr. Ryan said.

Mr. Crean said the partnership between all levels of government, business and the community is facilitating the development of regionally coordinated and strategic responses developed by the community which contribute to the sustained economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the Latrobe Valley and Gippsland region.

“The LVTC report has identified the practical solutions to diversify the economic base. With a partnership approach from the three levels of government, and where appropriate, the private sector, the Latrobe Valley will diversify and transition its economy.” Mr. Crean said.

Federal Minister for Regional Development Simon Crean

Federal Minister for Regional Development Simon Crean










Mr. Ryan said the LVTC Report has been developed to underpin the Victorian Coalition Government’s soon-to-be-released Latrobe Valley Industry and Employment Roadmap project.

“The Latrobe Valley Transition Committee Report suggests a number of initiatives including transitional support for business and workers, strengthening the workforce by encouraging greater participation in higher education, and a focus on infrastructure to support industry growth and diversification.” Mr. Ryan said.

“The committee has urged governments, industry, unions and the wider local community to endorse a shared vision focused on strengthening the economic foundations of the region and working collaboratively to help it grow and diversify over the long term.”

Mr. Ryan said the report, developed over 14 months, delivered on a commitment under an agreement signed between the Victorian and Commonwealth governments last December.

“I congratulate the Committee for its work in preparing the report and acknowledge the Commonwealth Government’s willingness to work with us to help the Latrobe Valley plan a successful transition to a low carbon economy.” Mr. Ryan said.

Mr. Ryan said the Victorian Coalition Government would respond swiftly to the Committee’s report and deliver its commitment to establish a roadmap which outlines a long-term plan for the Latrobe Valley’s economic growth and diversification.

“The Victorian Government’s response to this plan will include further initiatives to support the Latrobe Valley turn vision into a reality.” Mr. Ryan said.

“These will be in addition to the $10 Million Victoria has contributed to the Latrobe Valley Industry and Infrastructure Fund.”

Mr. Crean said the Commonwealth had already delivered a downpayment on regional diversification with the recent announcement of a $3 Million grant for the $6.2 Million second stage of the Latrobe Regional Airport project through the second round of the Regional Development Australia Fund, while Victoria has contributed $2.7 Million to the airport Project.

“The report will be used to guide the Commonwealth’s investment and service delivery in the Region.” Mr. Crean said.


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