Tramway Extensions & Double Track ‘Y’ Junctions

Tramway Extensions & Double Track ‘Y’ Junctions

Victor P Taffa

Tramways as with Railways require extensions and connections to other lines. The Branch Line mentality of Railway and Tramway Planning is a throwback to the 19th Century and does not take into account 21st Century needs.

The same applies in Sydney and in Melbourne. The Plans for new Railway Lines as contained in website of Editor Victor P Taffa has all Railway Lines connecting to other Lines.



The man who designed and built the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Metropolitan Railways Dr. John Bradfield had connectivity in mind when planning new Railway Lines. Many Lines particularly in the South-Eastern Suburbs of Sydney were drawn up and are still waiting to be constructed.

Many of the Plans as contained in are simply a revival of John Bradfield’s Plans.

Route 75 Tram Should Extend To Box Hill Route 109

Route 75 Tram Should Extend To Box Hill Route 109











Melbourne’s Branch Line configuration of the Railways and Tramways are in need of connectivity. Operational restrictions occur on these Lines and do not allow for flexibility in the System.

The New South Wales Labor Government sought to build a Metro Rail System that did not require Train Drivers’ or Guards’, Planned as a Branch Line System and without escalators at Railway Stations.

Camberwell Junction

Camberwell Junction










Many years after Sydney’s Granville Rail Disaster on 18 January 1977 that killed 83 People and injured 211 People the Harris Park ‘Y’ Link was built into the Network for means of flexibility and added capacity.

The Parramatta-Epping Rail Link that was canned in 1998 is a badly needed investment in the Rail Network. This Project may yet be constructed.

Burke/Cotham/Whitehorse Roads Intersection

Burke/Cotham/Whitehorse Roads Intersection










Some People would like to operate services on the Parramatta-Epping Link as a Shuttle Service. This 19th Century mentality is not in keeping with 21st Century Passenger needs. Similarly the City Relief Line and Western Express Lines as Planned by the New South Wales Labor Government will not improve capacity as intentioned.

The Parramatta-Epping Link should operate services into the City continuously and a Double Track underground Junction built so services can also head South onto the Northern Line. Platform 4 at Epping should be an underground Platform alongside existing underground Platforms 5 & 6. Short tunnels onto the Northern Line in a southerly direction will make Epping Junction very functional.

Route 109 Double Tracks Converge Into Single Track Terminus

Route 109 Double Tracks Converge Into Single Track Terminus











Should the Strathfield-Hurstville Line be built this again will add value into the Network that other more expensive options will not do. The Strathfield-Hurstville Line is the Northern Line Extension as contained in and utilises existing corridors.

As a visitor to Melbourne for the 27 November 2010 State Election regular Tram travel is a must as is support for the Richmond Tigers.

For many years Editor Victor P Taffa has kept abreast of Railway and Tramway News as a subscriber of Railway Digest and Transit Australia Magazines.

Route 109 Tram Arrived In Terminus

Route 109 Tram Arrived In Terminus










It should be noted that Former Premier and Williamstown MLA Steve Bracks built the Box Hill Route 109 Tram Extension. This being the last major expansion of the Melbourne Tramways.

For many years Residents have called for the Vermont South Route 75 Tram to be extended to Knox City Shopping Centre whereby a Bus service currently operates a shuttle service.

The Knox City Tram Extension on the face of it is short and many not think the worth or value in it. When the Extension issue is raised some simply yawn and nod in approval.

Had the Railway Expansion Plans for the Sydney Metropolitan Railways as contained in had a short extension or half of what is required over the next 50 years then these plans would not have received any serious attention since January 2001. The plans were on hard copy in January 2001 and on in February 2009.

The Knox City Tram Extension is relatively short and does not add real value to the Tramway Network over the long term.

Route 109-Route 75 Tram Connectivity Complements The Doncaster via Clifton Hill Railway

Route 109-Route 75 Tram Connectivity Complements The Doncaster via Clifton Hill Railway











Route 75-Route 109 Tram Extension:

Route 75 Tram should extend to Route 109 at the Box Hill Terminus. The alignment would follow the following Roads:

  • Burwood Highway;
  • Scoresby Road;
  • Bayswater Road;
  • Mount Dandenong Road;
  • Whitehorse Road.

This Extension would not interrupt existing Routes 75 and 109 from current Route Operation. This Extension simply adds value to the current routes and provides residents with new Tram services.

All of the new Stops should be designed as Island Stops and not Side Stops. The Flinders Street/Swanston Street Stop is a style that will be adapted and are on Tramway Maps as contained in given the narrow nature of Sydney Streets.

Island Stops will enable Tramway Expansion to occur as boarding and alighting times are faster. While the Road Rule requiring Traffic to Stop when a Tram is Stopped would continue the Island Stop and Safety Fences ensure that a modern approach to Tramway Expansion will silence the detractors.

This Extension will also complement the Planned Doncaster via Clifton Hill Railway. Railway and Tramway Operators should not see each other as the opposition. Rather Railway and Tramway Expansion are complementary. The opponents of Railway and Tramway Expansion are in other Industries.

Residents in the Tram Extension Suburbs include:

  • Burwood;
  • Mount Waverley;
  • Wantirna South;
  • Knoxfield;
  • Bayswater;
  • Ringwood East;
  • Ringwood;
  • Mitcham;
  • Nunawading;
  • Blackburn;
  • Box Hill.

Residents of Burwood and Richmond will also experience improved and more reliable services as a result. Tram Routes that operate closer to the City is where Tram Services are more intensive.

Route 72 Double Track ‘Y’ Junction:

During a visit to Vermont South on Tram 75 and then to Box Hill on Tram 109 via Camberwell Route 72 Editor Victor P Taffa observed what can be a further improvement to the Melbourne Tramway Network for Route 72.

Route 72 currently terminates about 200 Metres short of the intersection of Cotham Road and Whitehorse Roads. What would add value to the System is a Double Track ‘Y’ Junction so that Burke Road Services can either terminate as currently occurs or allow for improved and new services to operate. This gives the residents of Camberwell and Hawthorn East new and innovative Tram Services.

Some interesting observations worth noting and occurred on the following days:

  • 20 November 2010

Route 35 City Circle Tram operated by Green W Class Trams.

  • 22 November 2010

Route 78 Prahran Service on Church Street Richmond operated by Green W Class Trams.

One would not wish to be cynical however given that Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu has already announced Plans for the Green W Class Trams is the reintroduction to operation of the Green W Class Trams an attempt to retain the Seats of Prahran and Richmond in the hands of the Brumby Labor Government?

Railway and Tramway Expansion is a necessity and all new Lines must have connectivity to other Lines.