Tram Fleet Expands By 50% To Meet Passenger Demand

Tram Fleet Expands By 50% To Meet Passenger Demand

South Australia Minister for Transport Patrick Conlon

Glengowrie Tram Depot Transformation On Track

Victor P Taffa

The first stage of the Glengowrie Tram Depot upgrade part of the State Government’s $2 Billion investment into Public Transport Infrastructure is complete.

Transport Minister Patrick Conlon said the addition of six Citadis trams to the current Tram Fleet presented the perfect opportunity to upgrade the Depot.

“These are exciting times for Public Transport and our Tram Fleet has expanded considerably to meet the demands popular Tram Travel Presents.” Mr. Conlon said.

“Given the Tram Fleet has increased by 50 % and services were recently extended to the Adelaide Entertainment Centre, an upgrade of Glengowrie Tram Depot was imperative.”



“The ‘new home for trams’ will increase the stabling and maintenance capacity of the Depot and improve the operational and staff facilities for increasing staff numbers.” Mr. Conlon said.

The Depot now has an expanded stabling area with full concreted pavement and a new purpose designed tram track.

“In addition to the remodelling within the tram barn maintenance facility, we now have an automated tram wash for cleaning the Flexity Class and Citadis Trams.” Mr. Conlon said.

“As part of the overall Depot upgrade, a new contemporary ‘green’ operations building will be built in the North-Western corner of the site. This will provide a new home for Tram Operations as well as expanded facilities for Tram Drivers.”

“The location of this building will enable the existing outdated staff facility to continue to be used while the new building is being constructed, minimising disruption to Depot operations.” Mr. Conlon said.

Work is planned to start next year.

A number of important environmental initiatives are being implemented as part of the overall Depot upgrade including rainwater harvesting and recycling, roof mounted solar panels, energy efficient lighting and air conditioning.

‘Safety in Design’ is a key consideration, whereby works adjacent to live Rail and future maintenance needs have been carefully considered.


Editor Victor P Taffa has been to Adelaide in recent times and supports Railway and Tramway Expansion.

The Tram Extensions are good however the North Terrace Single Track Section of Line should be Duplicated and Road Markings adjusted to accommodate the Tram Tracks.

Melbourne has had the Right Turn From Left Only Rule for Decades and is being extended beyond the City to other Roads in areas such as Prahran and South Melbourne.

Cities around the World that have a Large Single Railway Network also have the most heavily patronised Systems.

The Adelaide O-Bahn is an isolated System that is a cross-between of a Bus and a Train and does not integrate into the Train or Tram Network. The O-Bahn should be converted into a Railway or a Tramway and join into the current Network.

Similarly in Sydney Former New South Wales Premier Bob Carr built isolated Bus Transitways and these too should be converted into Heavy Railways and joined into the RailCorp Network.

Bus Operations are best suited as Feeder Services to Trains and Trams.

The Planned North-West Railway Line in Sydney when finally opened should also connect to the Richmond Line and not simply terminate as a Branch Line.

Railway and Tramway Expansion is decades overdue.