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Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Metro And Yarra Trams Improve Punctuality In May 2012

Victor P Taffa

Melbourne’s train and tram operators Metro and Yarra Trams improved their punctuality in May 2012 even though each operated more trips than in May 2011, Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder said today.

“The benefits of the Coalition Government’s sustained investment in maintenance are starting to show. During May and June, Metro is spending more than $11 Million on specific infrastructure renewal works.” Mr. Mulder said.

Mr Mulder said that Metro’s performance was good despite it timetabling 3,458 more trains in May 2012, 5.6 % more scheduled trains than in May 2011, with network-wide punctuality increasing from 82.1 % in May 2011 to 90.7 % in May 2012, an 8.6 % rise.



“For the second consecutive month, Metro’s timekeeping improved on all of its 15 electrified lines and one non-electrified line despite the number of timetabled Metro train trips increasing from 60,731 in May 2011 to 64,189 in May 2012. Metro’s performance on the operationally challenging Hurstbridge and Werribee lines was particularly pleasing.” Mr. Mulder said.

“The Hurstbridge line is single track with train passing loops beyond Greensborough, while the Werribee line includes the Altona Loop, has a junction with the Williamstown line that is extremely busy during weekday peak periods and shares the tracks with V/Line’s Geelong and Warrnambool trains.”

“On the Hurstbridge line, Metro’s punctuality increased from 83.2 % of train arriving at their destination less than 5 minutes late in May 2011 to 93 % in May 2012. On the Werribee line, the rise was from 80.8 % of trains officially on time to 91 %.”

Mr. Mulder said that on longer metropolitan rail lines such as Frankston (72 % punctuality in May 2011 to 89.3 % in May 2012, Pakenham (71.8 to 88.4 %), Belgrave (79.7 to 86.9 %), Cranbourne (76.9 to 88.3 %), Glen Waverley (91.7 to 94.2 %) and Sydenham (81.4 to 86.6 %), the increase in train timekeeping was consistently good.

“On shorter routes such as Upfield, Metro’s punctuality rose markedly from 77.3 to 89.9 % despite the labyrinth of tracks that these trains must thread their way over between North Melbourne and Southern Cross. The two most punctual were Frankston to Hastings and Stony Point (97.7 %, up from 93.7 %) and Sandringham (91.6 to 96.1 %).” Mr. Mulder said.

Mr. Mulder said Yarra Trams had improved its punctuality over the length of its routes from 80.3 % in May 2011 to 81 % in May 2012 despite timetabling 2,793 more trips.

“Route 57 along Elizabeth Street to West Maribyrnong rose in punctuality by 2.9 % to 86.9 % while Route 75 along Flinders and Spencer Streets from Vermont South, Burwood East and Camberwell improved by 1.8 % to 80.1 %.” Mr. Mulder said.


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