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Tasmania Minister for Infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff

Work Underway To Ease Hobart Traffic Congestion

Victor P Taffa

Hodgman Government is taking another step towards addressing Hobart traffic congestion with changes to traffic light operations starting next week.

Ownership of Macquarie Street and Davey Street has been officially transferred to the Tasmanian Government which will enable the effective management of these roads as key connectors to the major arterial roads into the CBD, Minister for Infrastructure Jeremy Rockliff said.

First step to improve traffic flow through the Hobart CBD will involve changes to traffic signals at a number of intersections throughout the city.

From Tuesday, the changes will be rolled out at 5 locations, including the intersections of:

  • Davey Street and Macquarie Street,
  • Molle Street and Macquarie Street,
  • Harrington Street and Macquarie Street,
  • Argyle Street and Macquarie Street,
  • Murray Street and Davey Street.

Changes will include the installation of new right-turn signals at these intersections, allowing through traffic to continue straight ahead, while right turning vehicles wait for pedestrians to cross.

Changes will also be made to the timing of the signals at the pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Davey Street and the Southern Outlet to allow better coordination with other traffic signals along Davey Street.

Legislation has also been amended to provide the power to tow vehicles that have been illegally parked in a location that is creating congestion or safety issues.

“Hodgman Government took a comprehensive plan to address traffic congestion to the election and step-by-step we will identify and develop further improvements along these key corridors.” Minister Rockliff said.


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