Tourism Would Not Be Harmed By A Rail Ferry To Tasmania

Tourism Would Not Be Harmed By A Rail Ferry To Tasmania

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Tourism Will Hodgman

Tourism Operators Suffering As Labor-Green Government Fails To Help

Victor P Taffa

The release today of Tourism Industry Council figures showing a slump in tourism business across the state is another serious wake-up call for a Government that has again failed to act, Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Tourism Will Hodgman said today.

“The survey confirmed that Tasmania’s Tourism sector has suffered another poor quarter, with one in every two tourism businesses on the north-west coast experiencing a downturn.”

“Tourism Minister Michelle O’Byrne has once again failed to recognise the enormous challenges that the industry is facing, and as a result, operators are being driven out of business.” Mr. Hodgman said.


“It is an outrage that this important industry again has to ask that the Government deliver on the promises at the election, but which it has not delivered.”

“This is another example of how this Government’s broken promises are harming Tasmanians in this case, it is the small business operators in our important tourism sector.” Mr. Hodgman said.

“The survey identifies criticisms of the Government’s marketing strategies, with operators crying out for help.”

“These are the same issues that continue to arise within the industry, and continue to be ignored by the Minister.”

“This Labor-Green Government is clearly in denial about the state of tourism in Tasmania. Ms. O’Byrne needs to stop making excuses and get on with the job of helping the industry.” Mr. Hodgman said.