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Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls

Queensland-Japanese Partnerships To Rebuild Ailing Tourism Sectors

Victor P Taffa

Cooperation between disaster-ravaged economies will help restore international visitor confidence sooner, Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls said.

Mr. Nicholls met with representatives from Japan’s travel and education sectors in Tokyo today, seeking feedback about their clients’ experiences in Queensland.

“Last year, Queensland was home to some 3,400 enrolled Japanese students.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“These students bring cultural diversity to our educational institutes and communities. They contribute significantly to the state’s economic bottom line.”


“Japanese students choose to study in Australia to experience our unique Queensland lifestyle, giving our tourism operators a welcome boost.”

Mr. Nicholls said Queensland hosted 164,000 Japanese tourists last year.

“Although visitor numbers are still encouraging, that’s a 22 % decline on previous years.” Mr. Nicholls said.

“Numbers dropped significantly after the floods and cyclone, just as they did in Japan after the devastating tsunami.”

“Queensland tourism operators understand how their Japanese counterparts are hurting, and together we can make sure the rest of the world knows we’re open for business.”

“Japan was instrumental in the development of Queensland’s tourism industry during the 1980’s and we value their continued support.”

“Queensland will once again welcome public-private partnerships that reinvigorate the ailing travel sector to attract a new generation of tourists.”

Mr. Nicholls said all sectors of government were working together to make Queensland Australia’s number 1 tourist destination again, increasing overnight visitor expenditure to $30 Billion by 2020.

Queensland Minister for Tourism and Major Events Jann Stuckey will join Mr. Nicholls in China later this week as part of the Newman Government’s trade mission.


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