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Federal Shadow Minister for Tourism Bob Baldwin

Tourism Needs Carbon Tax Axed, Not Just Renamed

Victor P Taffa

The Financial Year Guidance just released by Virgin Australia proves that Labor’s carbon tax continues to take its toll on Australia’s $107 Billion tourism industry, the Shadow Minister for Tourism, Bob Baldwin, said today.

“This is more evidence that Labor’s carbon tax is hurting tourism. We’ve got to get rid of this tax, not just give it a new name.” Mr. Baldwin said.

“Kevin Rudd is just not being fair dinkum. Far from being terminated, Mr. Rudd’s Carbon Tax is alive and well.  Only the name has been changed, the damaging effect on tourism remains.”


Virgin Australia today confirmed the pre-tax costs of the carbon tax for the 2013 financial year are estimated to be between $45 Million to $50 Million and were unable to be recovered due to weak economic conditions and the competitive environment. (Source: Statement by Virgin Australia Holdings Limited, 5 August 2013)

“Kevin Rudd must be upfront with Australia’s tourism industry and admit the carbon tax will hit $38 in 2019 if he is re-elected, as detailed in the Budget figures the Government released in Friday’s Economic Statement.” Mr. Baldwin said.

“Mr. Rudd has tried to con the Australian people that they will be better off with a floating carbon tax.  But that’s not the case.”

“The Government’s own Economic Statement confirmed that if Kevin Rudd is re-elected, the carbon tax will go up and up to $38 the same price as Julia Gillard’s carbon tax.” Mr. Baldwin said.

“All of the things Mr. Rudd has pretended to do since returning to the Prime Ministership prove that everything the Coalition has been saying about this Government is true.”

“The Coalition will scrap the carbon tax altogether and that’s good news for Australia’s $107 Billion tourism industry and the 500,000 Australians it employs.” Mr. Baldwin said.


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