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South Australia Shadow Minister for Tourism David Ridgway

They’re Sacked, Minister!

Victor P Taffa

Yesterday afternoon, Tourism Minister Gail Gago said it would be business as usual when the Government’s Tourism Visitor Information Centre is banished from its Grenfell Street cavern to the Service SA gulag.

“That isn’t at all true.” Liberal spokesman David Ridgway said.

“The Government expects far fewer tourists will use the centre once it’s on North Terrace.”

“On King William Street it had 23 staff to deal with 300 tourists who walked through its doors every day.”

“Just two officers will staff the counter at the scaled-down North Terrace centre.”

“Most importantly, she intimated there would be NO sackings because of the reduced services.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“The Government took on the payment of those original staff and we’ve been operating the service with those staff for the last six months and we’ll continue with those staff in the new service arrangements.” (Gail Gago, ABC Radio, 27/06/12)

“I have indisputable information that tomorrow afternoon, some of the travel information officers at Grenfell Street will be out of a job.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“They’ve been given less than a week’s notice that their contracts won’t be renewed. From tomorrow, no more pay. No more money. No job, no wage.”

“The State Liberals demand that this Minister makes a public commitment to meet those travel information officers within the next 24 hours and witness their contracts being re-signed before they expire tomorrow afternoon.” Mr. Ridgway said.


Whereas SA’s new tourist and visitor information centre has been exiled from the city’s major retail heart, Melbourne’s visitor centre is right in the middle of Federation Square.

Federation Square gets nine million visitors a year. The visitor centre there offers face to face visitor information on Melbourne and Victoria, event and ‘what’s on’ information, public transport information and metcard ticket sales, internet and email facilities, accommodation and tour booking service and quality Melbourne souvenirs and gifts. It’s open seven days a week including public holidays from 9 am to 6 pm.


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