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South Australia Shadow Minister for Tourism David Ridgway

The Case Of The Vanishing Visitor Centre

Victor P Taffa

The Visitor Information Centre bungle worsened today with news that it’s on the move again.

Last year the Centre was ordered to move from its high-profile King William St offices to an out-of-the way basement in Grenfell Street.

“I’ve learnt that the SA Tourism Commission Board met in an emergency session late yesterday afternoon.” shadow Tourism Minister David Ridgway said.


“At that meeting the Board was virtually ordered to sign off on the Government’s lunatic decision to move the Travel Centre even further from the retail and pedestrian hub.”

“It will go into the EDS building on North Terrace, now occupied by Service SA.”

“Service SA is where people take a ticket and line up to pay traffic fines and to renew drivers’ licences and registrations.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“Presumably now they’ll join the queue to make travel inquiries about Kangaroo Island or the Barossa.”

“While all this is bad enough, I’ve been told that the centre will move a third time, out of Service SA to a still-undisclosed location sometime in the future.”

“This Government is in bungling, bumbling disarray.” Mr. Ridgway said.

“We’re lumbered with a Minister who said tourism should be a “fun” portfolio.”

“We’re talking about a $5 Billion a year industry presided over by an incompetent Minister.” Mr. Ridgway said.


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