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South Australia Shadow Minister for Tourism Terry Stephens

SA Tourism Falls Behind Under Labor

Victor P Taffa

South Australia’s Tourism Industry is struggling under the Rann Labor Government with South Australia the only mainland state failing to record an increase in room occupancy rates for hotels, motels and serviced apartments.

According to ABS statistics released today visitors are also staying less time in South Australia than anywhere else in the nation with the average length of stay of only 1.9 days since September 2009.

Shadow Minister for Tourism Terry Stephens said today that after recklessly slashing $12.5 Million out of Tourism in the recent state budget the Rann Labor Government was letting our tourism industry slide.

“We have some of the very best tourism destinations in the Country the potential is there but we’re just not moving forward.” Mr. Stephens said.

“South Australia is a Ghost Town on Public Holidays because this tired and disinterested Labor Government refuses to relax Shop Trading Hours.”

“The Rann Labor Government should be ensuring Tourism regains its rightful place as a key contributor to the South Australian Economy.”

“Instead, we are seeing a potentially lucrative industry lagging behind the rest of the country.” Mr. Stephens said.


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