Top Baby Names For 2015 As Registered In Victoria

Top Baby Names For 2015 As Registered In Victoria

Victoria Attorney-General Martin Pakula

Top Baby Names In 2015 Revealed

Victor P Taffa

Olivia and Oliver have topped the Victorian list of top baby names for the second year in a row.

“Victorian parents have shown the names Olivia and Oliver are not budging from the top with the two being recorded as the most popular baby names again in 2015.” Attorney-General Martin Pakula said.

Charlotte, Mia, Ava all remained in the top five most popular lists of girls names from 2014, with Amelia edging out Chloe according to data from the Victorian Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.


Thomas was a new entrant in the top five boy’s names, with James slipping from fifth to the seventh place.

“Inspiration for baby names comes from a wide variety of sources and Victorian parents have shown this with Isaac, Leo, Harper and Grace all entering the top 20 lists for the first time last year.”

Harper and Grace were new additions to the list of top 20 girls’ names, replacing Zara and Emma from 2014, while Leo and Isaac appeared for the first time in the boys’ list.

The appearance of the girls name Harper in the list coincides with the release of “Go Set a Watchman” the long awaited sequel to Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird.

Grace is a popular name with the Hollywood set with actors Ed Burns, Danny De Vito, Kevin Costner and Meryl Streep all having daughters named Grace.

New entry to the boys top 20 list Leo also gets a mention on the celebrity circuit with tennis ace Roger Federer and actress Penelope Cruz both choosing the name for their sons.

Isaac, coming in at number 19, means ‘he laughs’ in Hebrew and is traditionally associated with being the name of Abraham’s son in the Old Testament. Other famous namesakes include physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton, who was renowned for discovering the laws of gravity.


Top 20 Names Of 2015 Registered In Victoria GIRLS:

  1. Olivia; 2. Charlotte; 3. Amelia; 4. Ava; 5. Mia; 6. Chloe; 7. Zoe; 8. Evie; 9. Sophie; 10.Emily; 11.Ella; 12. Matilda; 13. Grace; 14. Ruby; 15. Isabella; 16.Isla; 17. Ivy; 18. Harper; 19. Sienna; 20. Lily.

Top 20 Names Of 2015 Registered In Victoria BOYS:

  1. Oliver; 2. Jack; 3. William; 4. Thomas; 5. Noah; 6. Ethan; 7. James; 8. Lucas; 9. Max; 10. Charlie; 11. Mason; 12. Alexander; 13. Oscar; 14. Liam; 15. Lachlan; 16. Henry; 17. Xavier; 18. Leo; 19. Isaac; 20. Benjamin.

Top 20 names of 2014 registered in Victoria GIRLS:

  1. Olivia; 2. Charlotte; 3. Mia; 4. Ava; 5. Chloe; 6. Amelia; 7. Sophie; 8. Emily; 9. Ruby; 10. Ella; 11. Isabella; 12. Sienna; 13. Matilda; 14. Scarlett; 15. Evie; 16. Ivy; 17. Zara; 18. Emma; 19. Isla; 20. Lily.

Top 20 names of 2014 registered in Victoria BOYS:

1. Oliver; 2. William; 3. Jack; 4. Noah; 5. James; 6. Thomas; 7. Lucas; 8. Ethan; 9. Mason; 10. Lachlan; 11. Charlie;   12. Liam; 13. Alexander; 14. Oscar; 15. Xavier; 16. Joshua; 17. Max; 18. Henry; 19. Samuel; 20. Benjamin.